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All Plane Spawn Locations in Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

The latest vehicle to be added to Fortnite as part of Season 7 is the X-4 Stormwing, a private plane that allows players to soar over the competition alone or with a squad. There are several locations throughout the map where planes can spawn, but it’s best to know exactly where to look if you want to get a plane before anyone else. In this guide, we go over where to find each plane spawn location in Fortnite for players who want to take to the skies in Battle Royale. Special thanks to Twin Galaxies for providing the map image below.

All Fortnite Plane Spawn Locations

Fortnite Plane Spawn Locations Map

  • Look for a plane on the runway and inside the hangars at Frosty Flights. 
  • There is also a plane spawn location just south of Frosty Flights, on the hill by the forbidden dance sign
  • There is one more plane spawn location in the snow biome on the island to the southwest. You can get there by zipline. 
  • Just northeast of the previous location, there is another plane that spawns atop the mountain north of Happy Hamlet.
  • There are several planes that can spawn in the area between Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields, at the edge of the desert.
  • Southwest of Retail Row, there is a crashed plane sticking out the side of one of the houses, still in working condition. 
  • Three more planes also spawn to the west of Dusty Divot in the center of the map. 
  • Head down to the basement in the former superhero mansion to find a plane overlooking the cliffside.
  • Climb up the hill beside Lonely Lodge to find another plane spawn location with three planes.
  • In the small valley between the hills to the southwest of Pleasant Park, you can find three more plane spawns.
  • There are also three more planes that spawn on the mountain to the northeast of Pleasant Park.
  • Look for several planes near the holes to the southeast of Lazy Links. 
  • Finally, there is a small airfield with several planes to the northeast of the block that replaced Risky Reels.

Finding a plane in Fortnite shouldn’t be too hard, as long as you land fast and reach one before other players do. Each Stormwing seats multiple players, so it’s best to head to one of these plane spawn locations with fellow squad members to dominate the skies as a team. Be sure to check out our other Fortnite guides for Season 7 so you can start upgrading your Lynx and Zenith outfits in Fortnite.

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