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Fortnite Mythic Fish Guide: What Is It & Related Achievement

by Ginny Woo

With all the developments in Fortnite over the past two weeks, it’s been a pretty hectic introduction to the latest season of the game. First the black hole fiasco, then turning the map into a veritable water park. What’s next? Well, apparently with the aquatic festivities comes to famed Fortnite Mythic Fish. Here’s what we know about it so far and how to get it.

Fortnite Mythic Fish Guide: What Is It & Related Achievement

The Mythic Fish has already been a hot topic in the community. Fornite is no stranger to wacky weaponry, so when fans found out that fishing was making a return, there were some theories out there about what this new addition would be. We knew that it was going to be a weapon that you could chuck, but was it going to be some sort of talking bass? Maybe a literal red herring? 

Now, it looks like the myth around the Mythic Fish has been debunked. Players have spotted the fish out in the wild now in play, and in fact, it’s a golden fish-shaped trophy. We’re almost disappointed that it wasn’t just a very large, wet, fish. But what can you do? From what we know so far, getting brained by the Mythic Fish will actually earn you the achievement “Sleep with the Fishes“. Yes, if you heard an audible groan, that was just us again. 

If you’re curious about how to actually get your hands on this not-so-mythical fish, then we’ve really only got one answer for you which we’ve dealt with before in another guide. We’re not sure of the exact drop rates on this thing, but we can’t imagine that they’re very high considering the status of this weapon, so it’s all up to you (and RNG). 

Now that you’ve got our Fortnite Mythic Fish guide to tell you what it looks like and we’ve covered off how to get it previously, you should be well-served to actually acquire this rare weapon for yourself. If you need a hand with anything else related to Fortnite, check out what we know about the latest cosmetics that have reared their head for Chapter 2

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