A brand new set of challenges is now available for players to complete in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. One of these new challenges in the latest period of content for the high-profile battle royale title asks players to complete a motorboat time trial at a location on the Fortnite map. Fortunately, we have every location where you can complete this particular motorboat time trial covered. 

Fortnite Motorboat Time Trial Location

There are a total of four areas where a Fortnite motorboat time trial location can be found. 

One can be found just to the north of Misty Meadows on the southern side of the lake. Another Fortnite motorboat time trial location is sitting at the northeast area of the lake found right in the middle of the battle royale game's map. Players who make their way west of Slurpy Swamp will also be able to find one of these locations needed to complete this Chapter 2 Season 1 challenge. Finally, our final one is situated north of Sweaty Sands and northwest of Pleasant Park. 

All that you will need to do is get into the amphibious vehicle and drive through the rings that will appear in front of you when you arrive at one of these areas

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