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Fortnite Hype Nite – What Are Hype Points?

by Andrew Smith

There are a couple of different game modes in Fortnite that players can participate in. If you’re a fan or more competitive games, you have probably heard of Hype Nite, which is a special competitive mode that will allow players to earn Hype Points. Well, with Chapter 2: Season 3 well underway, Epic is changing up how things work in this competitive mode ahead of the first event this July. With that, here’s how Fortnite Hype Nite will work in Season 3 and a full rundown on Hype Points

What Does Hype Do in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, Hype is pretty much like “points” that players can earn to move up through the competitive ranks during Hype Nites. As players earn more Hype Points, they’ll be able to compete in different ranks and earn better “prizes” at the end of the Hype Nite. For Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3, Hype Nites will take place every Sunday from July 19-August 16 for three hours.

During the three hour Hype Nites, players can participate in up to ten games during the event. To participate, players must already be ranked in any of the three Open League divisions in the Arena game mode. Further, those have ranked up to the Champion League will participate in Hype Nite+ which will give them more points than the normal Hype Nite mode at the end of the event.

As players earn Hype, they’ll be able to work their way through the ranks and get into more competitive matches during future Hype Nites. Unfortunately, players won’t actually get a real prize for earning a certain number of Hype during the event, as their prize will simply be the ability to move up to a better rank. 

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Players will be able to work their way through three different “divisions” as they earn Hype Points. There are four levels of the Open League, which require 0 and 1,499 Hype Points to work through, while the Contender League will require between 1,500-5,999 Hype Points to work through the three ranks. Lastly, the Champion League, which will make players eligible for Hype Nite+ and will require between 6,000-16,000+ Hype.

Throughout the ten Hype Nite matches, players will earn points based on their performance in the game. Specifically, a win will be worth 14 points and an elimination will be worth 1 point. Players will receive a decreasing number of points based on how they rank, up to 75th place. Lastly, for the normal Hype Nite mode, players who finish the evening in the top 1% will receive 500 Hype, and players who finish in the top 5% will receive 375 Hype. For those in Hype Nite+ matches, once the event end’s you’ll receive 1,250 Hype for being in the top 1% and 950 Hype for being in the top 5%. Higher percentages for both versions of Hype Nite will also receive a decreasing number of points, which are detailed on the Epic blog. 

Now that you know what Hype does in Fortnite, you should be prepared for the first Chapter 2: Season 3 Hype Nite this July. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our other Fortnite guides.

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