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Fortnite – How to Visit the Center of Different Storm Circles

by Larryn Bell

One of the Fortnite challenges for the fourth week of Season 4 challenges players to visit the center of different storm circles in a single match. This may sound simple, but there are still a few things to keep in mind if you want to complete this challenge effectively. We’ll explain the best way to visit the center of storm circles in Fortnite and what you need to do for the challenge.

Reach the Purple Lightning Bolt

While visiting the center of different storm circles seems relatively straightforward, completing this challenge involves some attention to detail. You may be wondering just how close to the center of the storm circle you need to be. 

For this challenge, Epic Games has added a small purple lightning bolt to Fortnite, which acts as a marker for the center point of the storm circle. When you get close enough to the purple lightning bolt, it will disappear and you will glow purple for a moment, indicating that you’ve completed one of your three storm circle visits. Do this three times during a single match to complete this Week 4 challenge and earn yourself some Battle Stars and XP toward your Battle Pass.

Fortnite Storm Circle Purple Lightning Bolt

Here’s a few tips to consider while visiting different storm circles in a single match in Fortnite.

  • Delay your jump. For the best chances of reaching your first storm circle in a match, stay inside the Battle Bus for as long as possible and wait to jump until the last moment. Once you jump, deploy your glider and hang out in the sky until the first storm circle appears. Once you know where the first storm circle is, you can skydive toward the purple lightning bolt in the center. While this method may not be great for grabbing loot early on in the match, it will help you make progress for this challenge.
  • Take cover fast. The center of the storm circle is a dangerous place to be. Not only are players trying to run there to complete this challenge themselves, there will usually be other players camped out nearby waiting to pick off vulnerable challenge-goers. Once you’ve successfully reached the purple lightning bolt at the center of a storm circle, be sure to hightail it out of there and run for cover as quickly as possible to avoid being a sitting duck.

Remember, you have to visit the center of three different storm circles during a single match, which means if you are eliminated or back out of the match early before you reach the third storm circle, you will have to start over again in a new match. Your progress does not carry over between matches.

Speaking of ducks, make sure you’ve collected all the rubber duckies for the Rubber Ducky challenge as well to rank up your Battle Pass and unlock new rewards. If you need help with other Fortnite challenges, such as where to search between a bench, ice cream truck, and helicopter, head over to our Fortnite Season 4 Challenge Guide for more.

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