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Fortnite – How to Get Twitch Quests

by Josh Hawkins

Fortnite recently introduced a new feature that allows streamers to connect their Twitch channels to the game, where they’ll be able to complete quests that their viewers can take on to receive rewards, and even have their name show up on the streamer’s video if they’re playing Fortnite when the viewer completes it. Whether you want to setup the Twitch system so you can stream it, or if you’re just a viewer looking to get in on the extra quests, this article will show you everything you need to know to get started with Fortnite Twitch quests.

How to Connect Your Twitch Account to Fortnite

The first step to getting Twitch quests is to setup your Fortnite account to work with Twitch. This can easily be accomplished by launching the game and then loading into the main menu. From here, click the three lines in the top right-hand corner. Once the menu drops down, click on the settings button, and then locate the Live Streaming tab in the far right of the screen.

Once you open this menu, you should immediately see an area where you can connect your Twitch account to the game. Go ahead and connect it, and then if you’re a streamer, complete the quest that it gives you to unlock the quest for your viewers.

How to Get Twitch Quests

If you’re a streamer, you’ll automatically get the quests that you can complete to allow your viewers a chance at some extra rewards. If you’re a viewer, though, you’ll need to wait before you can start doing quests.

Once the streamer has finished the quest (while live), the quest will be up and running for 4 hours. During that 4 hours, random viewers will be selected from the stream (so long as they continue playing Fortnite) and those viewers will receive a special quest that they can complete for extra rewards. Now, if you are a subscriber to the channel you receive the quest from, then you can receive additional rewards for completing it.

If you are one of the random viewers chosen to receive the quest, then you’ll be notified in-game, and you’ll have a limited amount of time to complete the quest and earn the rewards listed.

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