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Fortnite – How to Find Survivors

by Josh Hawkins

Survivors are an interesting mechanic in Fortnite, and you’ll want to look into finding them every chance you get. Not only do they count towards one of your big quests later in the game, but they also help transform your heroes and other squad members, which is something we’ll talk about at a later time. For now, though, we’ll show you how to find survivors in Fortnite, and start saving up those people.

Check Your Mini Map

If you complete Radar buildings, or if you just get close enough to them, many times Survivors will appear on your mini map in the form of a blue humanoid shape. When this happens, look around for them and you shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding them. It might take a bit to figure out what level they are on, but once you do, you can receive your reward.

Listen for Their Calls

The second way that you can spot Survivors in the wild is to listen for them calling out to you. They’ll often shout for help, and you can hear them from a pretty good ways off. If you happen to be in comms with your friends, then turn on subtitles and keep an eye on the screen for information showing that they are calling out. If you can’t figure out where they are, then be sure to break through any nearby walls or floors to see if you can spot them hiding in secret rooms.

Look for Stashes

Most of the time you run into Survivors, they are going to be hidden behind shelves full of supplies and cans and things. This means you can look out for these items and you should be able to find them. Chances are, if you find those types of supplies then you’ll most likely find a Survivor nearby. The best places to look for these are in the corners of buildings or sewer-like areas.

Why Survivors Are Important

When you’re first getting started in Fortnite, it might not seem important to save Survivors. Not only can the rewards be meager, but they don’t really do anything, do they? Well, at the start, they don’t. But, as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock the ability to transform your heroes. We’ll talk about this more in-depth at a later time, but basically transforming allows you to make your characters much stronger, which gives you plenty of ways to continue improving in the future.

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