Missions are the new way Fortnite players complete challenges in Season X of the high-profile battle royale game. The latest set of Missions known by the name of Spray and Pray are now available for players to complete. One of these new missions tasks Fortnite players with spraying a tag on a fountain, a junkyard crane, and a vending machine. Finding a vending machine to spray is not difficult with there being plenty scattered across the map of the popular game. However, we have the location of the fountain and junkyard crane covered for those looking for help in locating these two objectives. 

Fortnite Fountain Location

Players will find the particular fountain needed for this challenge at the Megal Mall location on the map of the battle royale title. The exact location of the fountain can be found right on the southern edge of the Mega Mall point of interest. All Fortnite players have to do to receive credit for the challenge is to spray the fountain at its Mega Mall location. 

Fortnite Fountain Junkyard Crane Location

Fortnite Junkyard Crane Location

Players will then need to find the area where a junkyard crane can be found and sprayed. The exact area where a junkyard crane can be located is at the Junk Junction point of interest in the northwestern region of the map. You will easily spot the junkyard crane needed to complete this Fortnite Season X challenge. 

Knowing the location of the fountain and junkyard crane will allow you to efficiently complete one of the latest Missions to be added to Fortnite in Season X. Are you looking for more help in navigating the world of the high-profile battle royale title? Be sure to check out our guide for the locations of the gas stations you need to spray and all of our other handy guides