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Fortnite – Destroy Chairs, Wooden Utility Poles, and Pallets

by Larryn Bell

One of the progressive challenges for Fortnite Season 7 tasks players with destroying chairs, wooden utility poles, and wooden pallets in Fortnite. There are three stages to this challenge, and players must destroy a specific number of each item before moving on to the next. We’ll explain where to find chairs, wooden utility poles, and wooden palettes in Fortnite so that you know where to go and what to look for when completing this challenge.

Fortnite Chair Locations

Fortnite Chair Locations

Stage 1 of this challenge requires players to destroy 80 chairs across the Fortnite map. Luckily, chairs are pretty easy to come across, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble destroying enough chairs for the challenge. Look inside houses to find chairs in kitchens and living rooms. 

The clubhouse in Lazy Links contains dozens of chairs. Any of the major residential areas like Tilted Towers, Paradise Palms, Pleasant Park, and Salty Springs should yield plenty of chairs to destroy as well. 

Wooden Utility Pole Locations

Wooden Utility Pole Locations Fortnite

After you have destroyed 80 chairs in Fortnite, the next stage of the challenge requires you to destroy 25 wooden utility poles. Utility poles are typically found along the sides of roads, though you can find them within named locations as well. 

The best place to look for wooden utility poles in Fortnite is along the highway that runs through the desert past Paradise Palms. You will find a row of wooden utility poles spaced evenly along the stretch of road. Wooden utility poles are also found sprinkled throughout Fatal Fields and along the road leading away from Junk Junction to the east.

Wooden Pallet Locations

Fortnite Wooden Pallet Locations

Destroying enough wooden utility poles will unlock the third and final stage of this challenge, which requires players to destroy 25 wooden pallets. These are usually located in warehouses or industrial areas in Fortnite. 

There are a handful of wooden pallets throughout Junk Junction and Tilted Towers, as well as in the junkyard south of Paradise Palms. Another good place to look is the shipping yard north of Retail Row. There are a few wooden pallets in the Dusty Divot building as well.  

Once you have destroyed the required number of chairs, wooden utility poles, and wooden pallets in Fortnite, you will complete this progressive challenge and be rewarded with a handful of Battle Stars. To complete another multi-staged challenge for Fortnite Season 7, head over to our guide on where to find the NOMS letter locations in Fortnite.

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