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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 | Where to Find Steel Farm

by Morgan Shaver

As Fortnite players work their way through different character punchcards, they’ll eventually come across a Quest that tasks them with opening Chests at Steel Farm. Naturally, this brings up questions like where is Steel Farm, and where do Chests spawn at Steel Farm.

To help make things easier, we’ve put together a quick guide on where to find Steel Farm, and where to find all Chests at Steel Farm in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 | Where to Find Steel Farm

The first question Fortnite players have in regards to the Quest to open Chests at Steel Farm is where to find Steel Farm. In the map image above, we’ve circled the location of Steel Farm. It’s located between Corny Crops and Dirty Docks. 

Once you find Steel Farm and land at the location, your next question is likely where to find Chests there as the area is pretty small, consisting primarily of a farmhouse and it’s in this farmhouse where all of the Chests can be found.

In total, we’ve found three chests spawn there at random. Below, we’ve outlined where all three of these Chests spawn to help make them easier for you to find. 

Steel Farm – Chest Location #1 

When you drop out of the Battle Bus, you’re going to want to aim for the tallest point at Steel Farm which is its wooden tower. You can either land in the top area of the tower, or on the roof of Steel Farm.

Both areas will allow you to reach the Chest in the tower which is located right below the top level. You’ll need to break the wooden wall with your pickaxe to reveal the Chest. 

Steel Farm – Chest Location #2 

The second Chest is located in the attic space of Steel Farm. After looking for a Chest inside the tower, focus your attention on the roof of Steel Farm. Using your pickaxe, break the roof, then crouch, and look under the eaves for the Chest. 

Steel Farm – Chest Location #3 

Finally, the last Chest can be found underneath the stairs inside the main farmhouse. After checking the attic, you’ll want to enter the farmhouse and make your way downstairs to the bottom level.

When you reach the bottom of the stairs, turn around and look underneath them to spot the Chest.

Note that you likely won’t be able to complete the Quest in a single match as it’s uncommon for all three Chests to spawn at Steel Farm at the same time. Our first visit to Steel Farm, we found two Chests: one in the tower, one in the attic. We didn’t see the Chest under the stairs.

During our second visit in a separate match, we only found the Chest under the stairs. Again, the Chests spawn in the same spots but at random so it’s worth checking all of these spots each time you land at Steel Farm until the Quest is completed.

We hope this guide has helped, and wish you luck with opening Chests at Steel Farm in Fortnite!

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