A fresh batch of Legendary Quests are live right now in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 as part of the Week 5 Challenges. As with any new Quests, questions are bound to crop up. For example, some have been wondering what steps are needed to complete the “Get Slone’s Orders From a Payphone” Quest.

To help, we’ve put together a quick guide that’ll help get you started! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 | Get Slone’s Orders From a Payphone

The first Legendary Quest that’s available right now in Fortnite as part of the Week 5 Challenges is one where you have to get Slone’s orders from a payphone.

When you interact with the Legendary Quest in your list of Quests, you’ll see locations marked on the map (as seen in the image above). All of these marked locations have a payphone that you can use.

Note that you can get Slone’s orders from any of these payphones, making it a relatively easy Quest to complete once you find yourself a payphone.

Speaking of which, when you do find a payphone all you need to do is approach it and interact with it to begin speaking to Slone.

Keep selecting the “...” option to continue the conversation until Slone has finished speaking, at which point the Quest should be marked as complete.

As a reward for completing this Legendary Quest in Fortnite, you’ll earn 15,000 XP and can proceed to work on the next Legendary Quest which tasks you with interacting with a CB Radio. 

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