Before the end of Season 6 in Fortnite, players have been going through their Quests and completing as many as they can in order to earn some extra XP for their Battle Pass.

Among the Quests that players are working to complete is one where you need to place a “spirit crystal at the tallest mountain” which begs the question… where is the tallest mountain in Fortnite?

To help you complete this challenge and earn some quick XP, we’ve put together a guide explaining how to put a spirit crystal at the tallest mountain in Fortnite, and where that mountain can be found. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Place a Spirit Crystal at the Tallest Mountain

The first question when it comes to the Quest that tasks you with placing “a spirit crystal at the tallest mountain” in Fortnite is where to find the tallest mountain.

The game has a number of large mountains, but the one where you’ll need to place a “spirit crystal” is located south of Catty Corner. In the map image above, we've marked the exact location of the tallest mount in Fortnite.

Note that the top of this snowy peak is marked with a flag that indicates the highest point of Fortnite’s tallest mountain, this is what you'll want to look for.

When you reach this area, you should see an outline of a crystal. When you approach this outline, you’ll see a prompt to “place” the crystal. Interact with this crystal (press and hold E on PC) until the spirit crystal pops up.

Once this is done, you should get a notification that you’ve completed this challenge and earned 24,000 XP as a reward in Fortnite. 

If you’re looking for additional activities to keep you busy in Fortnite (and earn XP) we recommend looking over the Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 12 Challenges list.

Good luck, and be sure to check back with us here at Prima Games for some spicy new Season 7 content once it goes live in Fortnite! 

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