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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | How to Tame a Boar

by Morgan Shaver

Fortnite players have recently been discovering different uses for animals in Chapter 2 Season 6. Sure, you can craft items with the Animal Bones they drop when you kill them, but you can also use animals for other things.

For example, we previously wrote about how you can tame a wolf, but it’s not just wolves that can be tamed. You can actually tame boar in Fortnite, and if you’re wondering how this is done, we’ve got a handy guide that’ll walk you through the full taming process! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | How to Tame a Boar

  • Craft a Hunter’s Cloak, equip it, approach a boar, then interact to tame it


  • Find a boar
  • Throw it food like apples or corn
  • Approach it while it’s eating
  • Interact with the boar to tame it (E on PC)

The easiest way to tame a boar, or any other animal in Fortnite, is by crafting a Hunter’s Cloak. With a Hunter’s Cloak equipped, animals won’t attack you, making it easy to go up to them and tame them.

However, you can also tame them by giving them food. The first step when it comes to taming a boar using food is gathering up an offering to present to the boar in Fortnite. Unlike wolves, boar prefer you to throw fruit and/or vegetables like apples, bananas, corn, coconuts, or cabbage. 

You can find fruit and vegetables in boxes that look like the following…

By searching these boxes, you’ll get a random assortment of edible goods that you can use for different things. You can also find select fruits and veggies at locations like Steel Farm, Orchard Farmers Market, and in small gardens outside homes in locations like Retail Row. 

Different food items do different things. For example, jalapenos can be consumed to let you run faster, while shield mushrooms help you increase your shields (as their name implies). Apples, bananas, corn, coconuts, and cabbage can be consumed to restore health but they can also be used to help you tame boar. 

With some of these food items in your inventory, you’ll want to approach a boar but not get too close. Select the food item, then toss it over to the boar like you would a grenade. As it starts chowing down on the item, approach it and interact with it to “Tame” it. 

Similar to taming wolves, the taming process can take a while so you may want to toss down another food item or two to help prevent the boar from running off while you’re trying to tame it. When the taming process is successful, the boar will be marked as a companion who you can track on your map, similar to when you hire an NPC.

Like wolves, boar can potentially help defend you against enemies although we personally found them to be rather useless in that department. However, they can distract enemies who may be seeking to hunt for Animal Bones, allowing you to hear enemy shots and intervene before they can shoot at you.

If your boar takes damage you can heal it by throwing more food items its way. If you’re having trouble locating boar, one trusty spot to check is Colossal Crops as there are usually a few boars in a pen near one of the side entrances.

There’s also food you can harvest at Colossal Crops which will help save you time when it comes to taming boar in Fortnite. And that’s all there is to it! Have fun taming boars, and if you have other Fortnite questions we have a ton of guides on the site that are sure to help you make the most of your time in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6! 

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