With the introduction of the Neymar Jr Outfit and Quests in Fortnite comes questions including how to complete Quests from soccer characters. One of the Neymar Jr Quests tasks you with completing three Quests from soccer characters, while a second one requires you to complete five Quests from soccer characters.

So, in total, you’re going to need to complete eight Quests from soccer characters. To help you get started, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to complete Quests from soccer characters! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 | Complete Quests From Soccer Characters

The first step when it comes to completing Quests from soccer characters in Fortnite is knowing where to find these soccer characters. In the map image above, you’ll see where all three soccer characters are located in Fortnite.

We also have a guide on where to find soccer characters that’ll help you pinpoint each one more precisely. Once you’ve found a soccer character, approach them and interact with them to view the options they have to offer.

Typically, these soccer characters will have two Quests to choose from along with the option to Duel.

Note that Duels don’t count towards the task of completing Quests for soccer characters, you’ll need to select one of the two exclamation mark options.

After that, follow the Quest instructions and you’re on your way towards completing all the Quests needed to unlock the Neymar Jr Outfit!

Again, to complete Quests from soccer characters you’ll need to find and approach one of the three, interact with them, and select a Quest represented by the exclamation mark symbol, then meet the requirements of that Quest to complete it in Fortnite. 

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