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Fortnite Brute Squad Missions – Rewards and How to Complete Them

by Nicholas Barth

Season X has officially taken over the world of Fortnite and has brought plenty of significant changes to the battle royale title. One of these changes is the new format for how players complete challenges and level up their Battle Pass. Missions are now what players will be tackling to grab those valuable Battle Stars and level up their Season X Battle Pass. Each of these Missions is comprised of a questline where players are tasked with complete various objectives. One of these new mission questlines is the Fortnite Brute Squad Missions, and we have all of the information you need to know about the Fortnite Brute Squad Missions covered for you below. 

Fortnite Brute Squad Missions

There are a total of seven objectives players can compete in the Fortnite Brute Squad Missions. The first two of these objectives have been unlocked following the start of Season X for the battle royale game on Thursday, August 1st. From the first two objectives, it looks as though the rest of the Fortnite Brute Squad challenges will not be too difficult when it comes to completing them. However, it is also very possible these objectives will increase in difficulty heading into the future. 

Fortnite Brute Squad Missions

It is also important to note these particular objectives are only available for a limited time. Unfortunately, this means players will not have the entirety of Season X to complete them and will need to make sure all of theirs are done by Thursday, August 8th. 

We will continue to update this guide with the remaining objectives from this Season X mission questline when they are revealed by Epic Games in the following days. 

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