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Fortnite Bots – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

Fortnite Battle Royale has become one of the most popular competitive multiplayer video games in the world over the past couple of years. This popularity has led to a vast multitude of players playing Fortnite a great deal and becoming very talented at the game. Unfortunately for newer players, this large number of talented players can result in them being trounced when they are learning the ropes of the battle royale title. This issue has led to Epic Games to announce that it will be adding bots to Fortnite for newer players to play against and hone their skills. 

Are you curious about what will happen when bots are added to Fortnite? If so, be sure to check out everything you need to know about the bots that will be introduced to the battle royale game in Season 11 below.

Fortnite Bots

Fortnite Bots

Monday, September 23rd saw Epic Games announce that it will be introducing skill-based matchmaking to the battle royale game in the upcoming v10.40 update. This skill-based matchmaking means players will be matched with players of similar skill when they play. Players will then get matched up with players of higher ability the better they get at Fortnite. The bots will be working with this new matchmaking system. Newer players will face off against a certain number of them and play against fewer bots the more skilled they become. 

Bots are AI-controlled characters who act like regular players. However, they will be much easier to eliminate than actual players and are designed to give new players a better path for improving their skills when they are first starting. Season 11 will be when Epic Games officially adds the AI-controlled characters to the matchmaking system. The competitive playlists of the battle royale game will not feature these characters. 

In the official announcement of these significant matchmaking changes, Epic Games stated it would continue to “update and iterate” these systems based on feedback from the community heading into the future. 

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