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Fortnite Battle Royale Tips and Tricks

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re moving over to Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode and coming from previous Battle Royale games like PUBG or even King of the Kill, then you’re going to find yourself facing down a different kind of beast. To help you out we’ve put together three Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks that we think all players should be aware of when they dive into the game, especially if they are looking to make it to the end of the round and come out victorious. Use these Fortnite Battle Royale tips to gain the upper hand and start winning more and more games. Of course, the game is constantly being changed and updated so we’ll be adding more Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks over time.

Be Vigilant, Pay Attention

Paying attention to your surroundings is vitally important in Fortnite Battle Royale, and knowing when enemies are trying to sneak up on you is going to be one of the greatest strengths that you can have in a match. Watch for enemies in windows, through cracks, and even listen for their footsteps as you search for loot. Always assume that someone is around every corner, and you’ll be prepared for any gunfights that might come your way.

You’ll also want to make sure you pay attention when changing items out in your inventory, as even a momentary glimpse away from your surroundings could lead to your untimely death at the hands of an opponent. If you can keep this in mind, and always stay vigilant at paying attention to the trees, bushes, and even hills in the distance, then you should find it harder for enemies to surprise you. This will give you plenty of time to react to their presence, and even time your own attacks against them.

Build Up Your Defenses

Fortnite’s Battle Royale game might look and sound similar to H1Z1’s King of the Kill, and even PUBG, but it’s a much different beast altogether. Not only is the game more arcade-like than PUBG, but it also includes a building system not seen in any previous battle royale game. This helps make the game feel unique, and it also gives players a different way to keep themselves alive.

It can be a bit hard to get used to the idea of gathering materials and building things in a battle royale game, but it’s something that you should strive to get used to as quickly possible. One of the main reasons we suggest this is because Fortnite’s unique building system allows you to quickly build defenses on the go, and these structures can often be the only thing standing between you and death at the hands of your enemies.

If you’ve been ignoring the building aspect, then it is time to rethink your strategy and make the most of the tools at your disposal. Enemies will often attack without warning before you even see them. As soon as you’re fired upon, build a structure around you (or at least a wall in front of you) to provide some cover while you quickly heal up or get ready to counter attack. Learning how to actively use the building system will allow you to be a much more competitive player in the Fortnite Battle Royale scene.

Best Weapons

There’s going to be some personal preference in which weapon you think is the best, but at the very least we can tell you which weapons we like and which guns are best for specific situations. Be sure to check out our Best Weapons guide for more in-depth coverage on this subject. For now we’ll cover the basics of the weapon types to get you started.

If you’re attacking from a distance you want to have either a Scar Assault Rifle or Scoped Assault Rifle. Both of these work well from a distance, and even up to the medium range. Of course you c an still use them at close range, but there are better options. When you get into close quarters combat, you generally want to switch to one of the shotgun options in the game. A couple of well-placed head shots will bring down an opponent very quickly, even if they have full shields.

When you initially land, don’t be too picky with your choice of weaponry. Grab wahtever is available and keep on the move. You can get picky once you have to drop one weapon to pick up another. It’s also important to save a slot or two for medical items just to make sure you can heal yourself or get shields after a fire fight. There’s nothing worse than running around with low health.

Weapon Colors

While some weapons are definitely better than others, everyone will have an opinion on which weapon is their favorite. However, something that isn’t simply opinion is the rarity and power of a weapon. The more rare a weapon is, the power it is. For example, a purple shotgun is considered epic and therefore more powerful than a green shotgun, which is only considered uncommon. The order of color from weakest to strongest is Grey > Green > Blue > Purple > Orange, so always be on the lookout for more powerful versions of the weapons you already have, in addition to new weapons.

Weapon Color Rarity

  • Grey – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Blue – Rare
  • Purple – Epic
  • Orange – Legendary

Loot Chests

While there is plenty of loot to be found throughout the map, the best loot that you can find is locked away and hidden in Golden Chests. If you want to gear yourself up with the best gear in the game, then knowing how to easily spot these chests will be key to your success. First, you’ll want to listen for a soft sound like a wooshing chime. This noise will let you know that you’re near a chest that you can loot.

You’ll also want to look out for any type of golden glow. These Golden Chests give out a soft light that can often be seen through cracks in the floor and walls, and even through windows. It’s also a good rule of thumb to search in attics for these chests, as they can also often be found in these areas as well. Keep a listen and an eye out for chests, and it shouldn’t be too hard to get yourself used to searching for these items when you’re playing matches in Fortnite Battle Royale

Having trouble running Fortnite Battle Royale? Check out our guide on how to improve performance in Fortnite for some pointers on how to get Epic’s hit Battle Royale shooter running at even better FPS. You can also check out our guide on the best weapons for Battle Royale to get additional help finding out which weapons should be your go to.

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