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Fortbyte 31: Found At A Meteor Crater Overlook

by John Cooper

Finding the Fortbytes should be part of every Fortnite players daily routine now. They were introduced at the beginning of Season 9 and have been trickling out into the world ever since. Collecting them will get you some intriguing loot as well as eventually revealing some great secret. This time we are on the hunt for Fortbyte 31 found at a meteor crater overlook which is another in the location-based riddle category. Some of the Fortbytes require you to be wearing a special item or using a special emote, but that’s not the case here. In this case, we simply need to turn up to the right place. 

Fortbyte 31 Found At A Meteor Crater Overlook

Collecting this particular Fortbyte is a nice and simple affair thanks to the lack of other requirements. That means you can grab it early on even if you haven’t started making your way through the Battle Pass Tiers in order to unlock some of the special emotes and items required for other Fortbytes. Fortbyte 31 can be found on the north side of Dusty Divot inside the hangar-like building there. Simply go into the building and check along the walkway and you should spot this collectable hovering there ready to be claimed. Just walk up to it and grab it and you’re done. Just be careful as you do so, the area is very easy to fire upon so you’ll need to be quick if you aren’t the only one in Dusty Divot. 

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