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Fortbyte 22: Accessible By Using Rox Spray In An Underpass

by John Cooper

The Fortnite Fortbytes are collectables that have been introduced as of Season 9. Finding each one requires some kind of challenge and while a few were available as soon as the season launched, many have been trickling out since. Fortbyte 22 is one of the latter and the only clue you get is Accessible By Using Rox Sprain In An Underpass. There are a couple of parts to this challenge but knowing exactly what they are is sure to help, so read on to find out. 

Where To Find Fortbyte 22

The first part of this particular puzzle actually requires you to reach level 5 of the battle pass. If you haven’t reached it yet then you’re going to need to do so. Go out and complete some more of the weekly challenges and you should be able to hit it. Once you’ve hit level 5 you’ll gain access to the Rox Spray, which is essential to this unlock. Having obtained this key part you can move onto the second part of the puzzle, which is finding the underpass.

The underpass in question is in Neo Tilted towards the southwest side of it. Wander around the underpass and you will come across Fortbyte 22 locked away with the name of the challenge. Simply use the Rox Spray anywhere in this area and you’ll be able to claim your prize. There’s a chance that you’ll be able to spot the area thanks to the overzealous use of Rox Spray in the area while people try and unlock the new Fortbyte. Once you’ve grabbed it, just finish off the match in your usual fashion and you’re good to go. 

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