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Floor is Lava Challenge Tips and Tricks

by Josh Hawkins

“The Floor is Lava” is an old game that kids used to play, where they would have to jump across various furniture items without ever touching the floor. iOS developer Appnoxious, LLC has taken that same concept and turned it into a fun, and addicting mobile game where players have to tap the screen to jump to different platforms, all while trying to avoid the lava that slowly bubbles up beneath them. The game is challenging, to even the most dedicated mobile gamers, and today we’re going to offer up a few Floor is Lava Challenge tips that have helped us break our own records again and again.

Tap Quickly

As you progress deeper and deeper into the game, the jumps will become more complex, and the lava will rise faster. Don’t worry too much about the lava at the bottom of the screen. Instead, ignore it and focus solely on your character. Look for each platform as you come to it, and tap the screen as quickly as possible in the right place. Just try not to tap the wrong direction, or you might find yourself taking a swim in the lava.

Don’t Give Up

It can be tempting to walk away from the game and even uninstall it when you have a bad streak. Don’t do this. Instead take a little break and then come back to it after a few minutes. You’ll be refreshed going into it, and you’ll find yourself making those tough jumps easier and easier. If you find yourself on another bad streak, then do the same thing once more, and give yourself a break. No matter what happens, don’t simply give up on the game and move on. It’s a fun, challenging game, and making it far will give you a nice sense of pride in your hard work.

Minimize Distractions

This isn’t a mobile game that you can easily play while riding on the train, or taking a bus downtown. Instead, you should try to play this when there isn’t much else going on around you, as distractions can easily lead to swims in the lava. Instead, try turning off the music, and sitting down in your living room without the television on. The added silence will give you more room to think, and you’ll be glad you had that extra thinking power when you start hitting more complicated areas.

At the end of the day, the Floor is Lava Challenge is meant to be overly difficult, and the game isn’t for everyone. If you’re struggling too much, and you need a break, then take it. But, if you want a  game that constantly challenges you to do better, then this is the app you’ve been looking for and these helpful tips can give you a nice start on your adventure to avoid all the lava and make it to the top.