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Flappy Bird Tips to Increase Your High Score

by Prima Games Staff

Flappy Bird is the latest mobile game to dominate the free iOS and Android charts. It appears that everyone is playing it, some much better than others. The appeal lies in its simplicity. Tap to keep a bird in the air? How hard can it be? Extremely tough, actually. It’s so difficult, many players quit out of frustration.

Thankfully, you don’t have to toss your smartphone into a wall. Mobile gaming site Modojo posted valuable tips to boosting your Flappy Bird score. They should know. They have 134 points! On that note, here’s what they have to say. Let us know if it worked for you.

Instead of an iPhone, play Flappy Bird on a tablet 

Although it’s possible to achieve an impressive score on a smartphone, your thumb is bound to get in the way. Switch to the iPad or an Android tablet and benefit from a much larger screen that gives you a chance to tap wherever you want while getting a better view of the action. 

Use short taps between pipes

Quick taps give you the chance to get into a rhythm while at the same time avoiding those dreaded green pipes. Ideally, you should only tap one-to-two times to clear a pipe.

Avoid the corners 

Tapping too soon will definitely result in Flappy Bird hitting a pipe’s corner, spelling certain doom. Make sure your taps give you enough space to clear a pipe completely. 

Blink carefully

The less you blink in Flappy Bird, the better off you’ll be. Make sure you blink plenty of times before starting a round, and go with quick blinks between pipes to keep your eyes moistened yet firmly positioned on the screen. 

Avoid all distractions 

Multi-tasking is almost impossible while playing Flappy Bird. Even talking to someone may result in failure. Drown out the family pet, your significant other and the TV, then enter the Flappy Bird zone. 

Don’t forget to take a  break 

Flappy Bird will wreck havoc on your nerves and patience. People don’t rage quit. They rage delete the game from their phones and tablets. That’s why it’s a great idea to put the game down and do something else. Go outside, get something to eat or meditate. It’ll be there when you get back. 

Don’t give up

Easier said than done, right? Let’s say you have a high score of 100 and the next try you die at 99.  That’s a huge downer, but you have to shrug it off and restart.  Accept that you’ll fail playing Flappy Bird more than you’ll succeed, but relish the occasional victory. The higher your score, the more impressed and bewildered other players will be.

Compete against friends 

We would have never scored 134 without friendly competition. After someone posted a 125-point score on Facebook, we became determined to beat him, and it happened shortly thereafter. Sometimes a little motivation is all you need. 

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