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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Guide — Unlock Activity, Tea List and Tips

by Ginny Woo

Tea Time is one of the ways that you can get to know your students and your potential romantic interests in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Like every other optional activity that you can participate in when it comes to using your free Explore time, sitting down for a hot cuppa with the people in your House can net a whole ton of support-rank benefits in exchange for your hard-earned Activity Points. While you can get larger relationship bonuses from Cooking Together, Choir Practice, or other activities, Tea Time’s defining feature is that it’s a one on one type of affair. Ever wanted to spend some solo time away from planning for war with someone that your Byleth has feelings for? Our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea guide will help you unlock the activity, and to use your time in it wisely.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Guide — Unlocking Tea Time

Haven’t been able to access tea time yet? Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal; you unlock it by doing a quest in the second month of the game. Ferdinand will approach you with an unexpectedly delicate gift — an Elegant Tea Set — and he’ll bid you to find someone who can appreciate it as a gift. Just look for the telltale quest hand-in marker on your minimap and you’ll see that Ferdinand’s intended recipient is apparently Lorenz. Who’d have known that the two of them had anything in common, let alone a fine cup of Earl Grey?

Regardless, once Lorenz has thanked you for your thoughtfulness, you’ll have access to Tea Time as an activity. You can invite any student to tea, even if they don’t have the best relationship with you quite yet. All it will cost is a single Activity Point. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Guide — Tea List

There’s a whole bunch of tea leaves available in the game, and you can either purchase them, find them lying around the monastery, or receive them as rewards from finishing quests. No matter how you acquire these flavorful blends, there’s definitely a favorite type of tea per each character. Much like how everyone has likes and dislikes, the same applies for what they like to drink. Check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses tea list which gives you the low-down on who likes what:

  • Mercedes: Albinean Berry Blend
  • Bernadetta: Albinean Berry Blend
  • Raphael: Almond Blend
  • Gilbert: Almond Blend
  • Felix: Almyran Pine Needles
  • Cyril: Almyran Pine Needles, Chamomile
  • Linhardt: Angelica Tea
  • Edelgard: Bergamot
  • Hanneman: Bergamot
  • Lorenz: Bergamot
  • Sylvain: Bergamot
  • Alois: Crescent Moon Tea
  • Hubert: Crescent Moon Tea
  • Shamir: Crescent Moon Tea
  • Dimitri: Chamomile 
  • Seteth: Fourspice Blend
  • Petra: Fourspice Blend
  • Leonie: Fourspice Blend
  • Caspar: Ginger Tea
  • Dedue: Ginger Tea
  • Claude: Honeyed-Fruit Blend, Almatian Needle Blend
  • Marianne: Lavender Blend
  • Ignatz: Lavender Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend, Seiros Tea
  • Ingrid: Mint Tea
  • Ashe: Mint Tea
  • Manuela: Mint Tea
  • Ferdinand: Southern Fruit Blend
  • Hilda: Southern Fruit Blend
  • Annette: Sweet Apple Blend
  • Lysithea: Sweet Apple Blend
  • Flayn: Sweet Apple Blend
  • Dorothea: Sweet Apple Blend

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea Guide — Tips and Tricks

How Tea Time works is pretty simple, but your success will depend on whether or not you’re well-acquainted with each student’s likes and dislikes. If you don’t know what those are, we’ve got a list of them running for each House. As a general rule of thumb, try and pick conversation topics that align with their likes, or appear adjacent to them i.e. someone who likes singing might enjoy talking about the Mittelfrank Opera Company. 

When you enter Tea Time, you’ll be given a few options when it comes to topics of conversation. Only one of the three options will spark approval with the student, and give you a positive rating. If you manage to nail three rounds of this minigame by picking their preferred topic each time, you’ll not only get a boost to how motivated the character gets, but all participants will gain a +1 CHA bonus and get the chance to continue the tea time in a more informal setting. This will let you pan the camera around, for example, and to laugh at their jokes or chide them gently to see them blush. What did we tell you? Definitely more intimate than Cooking Together. 

Now that we’ve told you how Tea Time works, go forth and have a friendly cuppa with the people that you care about! Sure, it’s a useful tool to get some alone time with someone that you might want to see after dark, but it’s also a nice way to interact face-to-face with some characters that you might only see on the battlefield from time to time. What better way to flex your conversational skills for the future?

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