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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paralogue Pre-Timeskip Guide — Pre-Timeskip Paralogues and Characters

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve already picked up the legendary Hero Relic, Thyrsus, and you’re out looking for more loot and support-rank improvements then you can’t go wrong with completing the many Paralogues in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. These can serve as neat little prologues for some of the characters that you’ve taken under your wing, or as ways to flesh out the backstories of your chosen squad members. Either way, they often reward you with valuable items, Renown, and access to Battalions. Check out our Renown guide if you’re unsure how to spend that particular spoil of war. For everyone else, read on in this Fire Emblem Three Houses Paralogue Pre-Timeskip guide for a list of the pre-timeskip paralogues, which characters they involve, and what they’ll get you.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Paralogue Pre-Timeskip Guide — Pre-Timeskip Paralogues and Characters

For the uninitiated, Paralogues can only be added to your arsenal of activities to do if the characters that they pertain to are in your house. That’s right. It’s impossible to net every single Paralogue on one playthrough unless you can recruit all of the characters involved to your team. However, this doesn’t strictly apply to two-person Paralogues: Paralogues involving two characters from different Houses. So long as you have ONE of the two characters in your House, you’ll be able to tackle those Paralogues. The timeskip won’t change this requirement, so it’s good to note early on. 

Before you get all excited about checking these off your completionist list, you’ll have to note that Paralogues, unlike a lot of other quests in the game, are essentially limited time spawns. If you don’t complete them by the in-game deadline listed on the Paralogue’s description, they don’t come back into your playthrough’s cycle. Because Paralogues are all battle-focused and involve you pitting your squad against foes in combat, they’ll use a Battle Activity Point like other combat encounters. 

Our Fire Emblem Three Houses Paralogue Pre-Timeskip list will cover off the pre-timeskip side missions as well as the characters that they relate to, and the rewards that they give. The post-timeskip paralogues have their own individual route requirements, so we’ve saved those for another guide. 

An Ocean View

  • Characters: Flayn and Seteth — all Houses pre-timeskip
  • Reward: Spear of Assal, Caduceus Staff, Levin Sword

A World Divided

  • Characters: Hilda or Cyril — Golden Deer or Church of Seiros
  • Reward: Freikugel

Death Toll

  • Characters: Raphael and Ignatz — Golden Deer
  • Reward: Victor Private Military Battalion, Short Spear and Axe, Killer Bow, Bullion

Falling Short of Heaven

  • Characters: Ashe and Catherine — Blue Lions
  • Reward: Shoes of the Wind, Umbral Steel, Critical Ring

Land of the Golden Deer

  • Characters: Lorenz — Golden Deer
  • Reward: Thyrsus (Hero Relic), Gloucester Knights Battalion

Oil and Water

  • Characters: Manuela and Hannemann — Houses pre-timeskip
  • Reward: Rapier, Macuil Evil Repelling Co Battalion, Indech Sword Fighters Battalion

Rumored Nuptials

  • Characters: Ingrid and Dorothea — Black Eagles or Blue Lions
  • Reward: Luin (Hero Relic), Galatea Pegasus Co Battalion

Sword and Shield of Seiros

  • Characters: Alois and Shamir — all Houses pre-timeskip
  • Reward: Seraph Robe, Seiros Archers Battalion

Tales of the Red Canyon

  • Characters: Sothis
  • Reward: Umbral Steel, extra charge of Divine Pulse

The Forgotten

  • Character: Sylvain — Blue Lions
  • Reward: Lance of Ruin (Hero Relic), Gautier Knights Battalion

True Chivalry

  • Characters: Felix — Blue Lions
  • Reward: Aegis Shield if you max out the subquest criteria

War for the Weak

  • Characters: Dedue — Blue Lions
  • Reward: Duscur Heavy Soldiers Battalion, and Dedue will stick around after the timeskip

Now that you know what each Fire Emblem Three Houses paralogue is good for, we invite you to try to complete as many as you can. As you can tell from the list above, quite a few of them will net you Hero Relics, which have legendary powers that will make your squad the envy of every other House (if they live long enough to tell you so). If you need a hand getting Lorenz’s Paralogue completed to pick up the Thyrsus relic specifically, check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Thyrsus guide for the tea. 

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