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Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Normal or Hard?

by Nicholas Barth

There is no denying there is a great deal of excitement in the video game world currently with the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses taking place on Friday, July 26th. As with the majority of video game today, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has various difficult options players can choose. Offering harder challenges for playing on the more difficult settings, the Normal and Hard choices for the new Nintendo Switch game are ones that will affect your adventures. If you are curious about whether or not you should choose the Normal or Hard difficulty in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, be sure to check out everything you need to know about both choices below.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Normal or Hard

Those looking to test their skills and face the hardest challenges possible will best be served by choosing the Hard difficulty. The reasoning for this is that Fire Emblem: Three Houses enemies on the Hard Difficulty hit much harder and frequently than their Normal counterparts. This results in players having much more difficult battles where simple strategies may not work when it comes to securing a victory. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Normal or Hard

In addition to the step-up of your enemies’ skills in battle, the Hard difficult does not offer as many free weekly skirmish battles when it comes to action points. Unfortunately, this reduction of free weekly skirmish battles means players playing on the harder Fire Emblem: Three Houses difficulty will not be able to level up their team more quickly, as the Normal difficulty offers more free skirmish battles and thus allows players to complete more missions and level up their team faster. 

As in the case of most franchises, selecting whether or not to play on the Normal or Hard difficulty in Fire Emblem: Three Houses largely depends on your experience with the series. More experienced players will likely find the harder difficulty more enjoyable, while newcomers will most likely appreciate the more forgiving nature of the Normal difficulty. However, your best bet is to try out both and see which one you like the most when playing.

With the knowledge of the differences between the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Normal and Hard difficulties, players will be able to choose which one will allow them to have the best possible experience when jumping into the new Nintendo Switch title. 

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