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Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Golden Deer Guide – Likes, Dislikes, and Interests

by Ginny Woo


Got your hot little hands on Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Decided which group of students to lead into a brighter future? Maybe you’re totally happy with your choice, or maybe you’re starting to worry about missing out on some of the other bright, young upstarts from the other Houses. The good news is that just because you’ve picked the Blue Lions doesn’t mean that all the other kids become your mortal enemies in the future. If you’re smart about it, you can recruit students from other Houses to your cause if you’re fastidious about building good relationships with them; you’re going to need to know what they like and dislike to really get stuck into it. Our Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer guide will tell you how to endear Claude’s mates to you so you can get a couple of archers for your own squad. 


Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Golden Deer Guide – Student Likes

The Leicester Alliance’s House is home to some interesting characters, and a lot of them share the happy-go-lucky attitude of Claude which makes for some interesting personality clashes with the more stalwart Blue Lions. If you want to recruit some of the Golden Deer to your team, then giving them the appropriate gifts is a good place to start. This will go some way to improving your reputation with them, so check out our list of their likes to make sure that you’re not showing up with something distasteful for whoever you’re wanting to woo. 

Claude: Feasts, archery, curious topics, long rides

Hilda: Chatting, persuasion, singing, fashion, dancing, colorful flowers

Ignatz: The Four Saints, the Goddess, art, faraway lands, peace and quiet, striking landscapes, beautiful flowers

Leonie: Competition, hunting, fishing, gardening, military arts, Jeralt, collecting and reusing discarded objects

Lorenz: Red roses, art, worthy woman, anything that befits nobility, tea

Lysithea: Lilies, sweets, cute things

Marianne: Birds and other animals, delicate flowers, reading, the Goddess

Raphael: Muscles, training, his younger sister, pure protein


Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer Guide – Student Dislikes

The Golden Deer all have things that they hate too, so if you’re in the business of gift-giving and you want to stay in their good graces then you’ll do well to avoid accidentally handing over something which might offend their sensibilities. A lot of the dislikes correspond with the students’ likes, so it’s not exactly rocket science, but you can never be too certain. Make sure to check our list if you’re unsure. 

Claude: Being bound by common sense, blind reliance on Gods, leaving things to chance

Hilda: Exhaustion, extreme heat or cold, responsibility, effort

Ignatz: Stressful situations, lightning, people who don’t appreciate art

Leonie: Decadence, debt, poisonous creatures, defeat

Lorenz: Injustice, vulgarity, filth, foul odors, coffee

Lysithea: Physical labor, ghosts, bitter food, being treated like a kid

Marianne: Crests, tidying up, herself

Raphael: Unfinished meals, book learning


Fire Emblem Three Houses Golden Deer Guide – Student Interests

Another way to farm reputation with students of any House, not just the Golden Deer, is to return the many Lost Items around the monastery to their rightful owners. Often, the item descriptions will have clues in them pertaining to students’ various interests or personality quirks. Think you’ve got something that might belong to someone in Claude’s retinue? Read on below to make sure before you hand it in for a sweet relationship bonus.

Claude: Planning feasts, tactical scheming

Hilda: Making accessories, chatting

Ignatz: Painting, collecting art supplies

Leonie: Bow maintenance, being frugal

Lorenz: Writing poetry, monitoring Claude

Lysithea: Eating sweets in secret, magic and tactics research

Marianne: Talking to animals, praying

Raphael: Bodybuilding, eating

Now that we’ve equipped you with everything you need to know if you want to charm a Golden Deer member over to your House, it’s time to test out those book smarts. With some perseverance, elbow grease, and intimate knowledge of every student’s likes and dislikes, it’s going to be hard for you to go wrong. Wanting to have a go at recruiting from the other Houses? We have a Black Eagles student guide and a Black Lions student guide for the brave of heart out there. 


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