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Fire Emblem Heroes – How to Get More Stamina

by Josh Hawkins

-Stamina is a basic requirement that you’ll need to take on missions in Fire Emblem Heroes, the first mobile Fire Emblem game. In this article we’ll break down Stamina, how to see how much Stamina each mission costs and even teach you how to get more Stamina so you can complete more missions in Fire Emblem Heroes.

How to See How Much Stamina You Have

You can see how much Stamina you currently have by looking at the top of the screen in Fire Emblem Heroes. You start off with a total of 50, with many of the first missions only costing 2 Stamina to get started. You’ll see your Stamina go down each time you take on a mission, so you’ll be able to easily keep track of how much you have left.

How to Get More Stamina

Stamina can be refilled a multitude of ways. The easiest is to simply wait for it to recharge on its own. Every 5 minutes you receive one Stamina point. If you don’t feel like waiting, though, you can also recharge your Stamina using Orbs. Orbs are a bit harder to come by, though, so we’d suggest being careful when using them to recharge your Stamina as they also act as the main currency in the game. Of course, you can also purchase Orbs, if you need to get more quickly, but that isn’t always an option for everyone.

How to See How Much Missions Cost

Since Stamina plays such an important part in Fire Emblem Heroes, players will want to know how to see how much each mission costs, that way they can decide whether to skip it or play it at the moment. To see how much each mission costs, click on the area that you want to play in. From here you will be able to see what Chapter and Part that mission is, as well as the title and the level and enemy types that you will run into. To see how much Stamina the mission costs, look in the top right hand corner of the icon. Here you’ll see a bit of text that will list how much Stamina the mission costs to play.

When you’re ready to dive in, click on the mission to get started.

Now that you know all about Stamina, it’s time to dive deeper into Nintendo’s latest mobile game. You can learn more about the latest iteration of Fire Emblem with our Fire Emblem Heroes guide, where we’ll show you how to get more orbs, how to unlock new characters using summons, and more.

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