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Final Fantasy XIV: The Rising FFXIV Event Guide — Quest Location and Event Rewards

by Ginny Woo

Whether you’re a Final Fantasy XIV veteran or someone who’s jumped in because of the great press around the recent Shadowbringers expansion, there’s something for everyone in the latest seasonal adventure: The Rising FFXIV event. This event celebrates the annual anniversary of the game’s fateful A Realm Reborn relaunch, so it’s got a lot of significance to players and the community. Luckily, even if you weren’t around that bit of history, you can take part in the festivities and earn yourself some cool cosmetics and a minion this year. Our The Rising FFXIV event guide will tell you what quest starts the proceedings, and what event rewards you can get.

The Rising FFXIV Event Guide — Quest Location 

The Rising only lasts for three weeks, which means that it’s not going to be open for long. The event start date is August 26 at 8 am PDT and it will close just shy of 8 am PDT on September 17. If you’re wanting to crack into the latest with The Rising, we note that you’re going to have to be at least Level 30 so make sure to get leveling while the event is still on if you don’t meet that requirement. 

If you’re level 30, you’re going to want to meet up with P’obyano in Bloodshore in Eastern La Noscea. She’ll give you the quest “Message in a Bottle”, and you just have to follow the resulting quest chain to get stuck into The Rising FFXIV event and to enjoy your hands-on history lesson.

The Rising FFXIV Event Guide — The Rising Rewards

Like every other year, The Rising FFXIV event is going to give you a host of rewards for commemorating this momentous occasion in-game. Finishing the quest chain started by talking to P’obyano and netting event achievements will get you the following:

  • Brave New Y’shtola minion
  • Liberation painting
  • The Legend Returns painting
  • Rise of a New Sun painting
  • Under the Moonlight painting
  • Prelude in Violet painting
  • Requiem for Heroes painting

The majority of these quest rewards will be for the decoration of your chosen Free Company or personal house as they are interior items, and if any of the names sound familiar to returning players, it’s because they’re chronicling the various MSQ and progress patches to the narrative in the lead-up to Shadowbringers. Some of the art is truly spectacular, so to be able to take a piece of it home with you as part of this year’s The Rising FFXIV event is a great incentive to get elbow-deep into everything, if nothing else. 


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