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Final Fantasy XIV: A Nocturne for Heroes Event Guide

by Lucas White

It’s been a few years, but Square Enix is finally re-running the Final Fantasy XV crossover event in Final Fantasy XIV. For the first time since 2019, players can hang out with Noctis, fight Magitek artillery and uh, buy a car.

If this is your first time checking out A Nocturne for Heroes, here’s all the information you need laid out in plain English.

A Nocturne of Heroes Final Fantasy XV Event Guide for Final Fantasy XIV

First, like many events, you need to speak with a NPC hanging out in Ul’dah. Look for Kipih Jakkya at the Steps of Nald (X: 8.5, Y: 9.7) area, where she’ll likely be surrounded by players.

From here you just need to follow directions and enjoy the event’s story. This is a hugely popular event due to its limited nature, so you’ll be able to find your points of interest via the massive crowds of people.

You’ll have to do your best to access destination points in these huge crowds, but you can usually target the right spot if you get right in the middle. Eventually you’ll participate in the Like Clockwork FATE, a level 50 scrap with a 15-minute respawn.

It’s located on the east side of Central Thanlan, over in the Unholy Heir part of The Clutch. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see what looks like a massive drug deal or street race happening. Regalias everywhere, yo.

You only need to play once to clear the event, but if you want to earn all the event swag you’ll need to run Like Clockwork three times total. You need six Unidentified Magitek items total.

Eventually you’ll fight a special version of Garuda, with a little support from Noctis. It’s an easy enough fight, but try to warp strike when Noctis does for bonus damage; the timing doesn’t have to be perfect, but close.

When Garuda readies its big AoE, that’s the most telegraphed opportunity for a combo. You can warp to one of the rocks then warp back with Noctis, but you also have enough time to just run away if you’re struggling with targeting.

Finish the event chain to earn the Achievement: Brother from Another Mothercrystal and Title: Kingsglaive for your profile. As you complete the event’s individual quests, you’ll earn the Lucian Prince set (gloves, pants, shirt, boots).

Once you’re done, you’ll be able to speak with the Ironworks Hand NPC at city locations near their respective Aetherytes. These folks will sell you the six Final Fantasy XV Orchestrion Rolls, which cost one Unidentified Magitek each:

  • Apocalypsis Noctis
  • Hammerhead
  • A Quick Pit Stop
  • Relax and Reflect
  • Valse di Fantastica
  • Veiled in Black 

To get everything else, you have to spend some time at the Gold Saucer. In total you’ll need to earn 230,000 MGP for all the rewards:

  • Modern Aesthetics – Lucian Locks hairstyle (20,000 MGP)
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum Triple Triad card (10,000 MGP). Normally this card costs 200,000 MGP, so make sure to buy it from the event vendor first.
  • Regalia Type-G Title (mount) (200,000 MGP)


And that’s all! Getting that kind of MGP is easier than it seems, thanks to the Gold Saucer challenges you can find in your log and things like the weekly Fashion evaluation. You have until October 18, 2021 to get your four-seater Regalia mount, which is plenty of time.


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