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Final Fantasy XIV Mentor Guide

by Lucas White

Starting an MMO for the first time can be a really daunting task, no matter how much your friends swear you’re going to love it. Especially if the game has been around for several years and content expansions. But the team behind Final Fantasy XIV is well aware, and has developed several systems over time to make the game as newbie-friendly as possible. One such feature is the Mentor system, which allows individual, high-level players to sign up and volunteer their gaming time towards helping less experienced or lapsed players.

How Does the Final Fantasy XIV Mentor System Work?

First of all, if you’re either new to Final Fantasy XIV (less than 168 hours), or logging in after a long period of inactivity (45 days), one of the notifications you get asks if you want to join something called the “Novice Network.” The game will ask you every time you log in, unless you definitively say you aren’t interested. If you opt in, you can gain access to a special chat channel occupied with Mentors and peers. This channel is all about asking questions, asking for help, so on and so forth.

If you’re a seasoned player and want to be a Mentor, you’ll need to reach level 80 in a specific crafting trade, or complete all of the quests for a Job. Once you meet one or more requirements you’ll need to find a Smith NPC and volunteer to become a Mentor. Mentors are marked based on their specialty, but if you meet multiple conditions you can choose. You can be a general, all-purpose Mentor, a PvE Mentor, a Trade Mentor, or a PvP Mentor. You’ll get a crown icon next to your name, and either a sword, hammer, or flag if you have a specific focus selected.

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If a Mentor and a “novice” player form a party together and are in the same area, they’ll both receive an EXP bonus. The bonus applies to enemies defeated, FATEs, and completing dungeons or guildhests. The bonus applies up until level 20.

If you’re a battle Mentor, you can use the special Duty Roulette: Mentor feature. This will put Mentor players in a special pool for Duty runs that are in extra need of people. This was implemented in order to make sure new players are able to access and learn early game raid content, which was getting difficult at one point. If Mentors run over 2,000 raids through Duty Roulette: Mentor, they’ll be rewarded with an achievement and the thoroughly fancy Astrope mount, pictured above.

It isn’t easy to get started in massive, years-old MMO games, but the Mentor system in Final Fantasy XIV is a great example of a dev team that cares just as much about new players as the seasoned vets. And having the rewards go both ways is a great incentive, especially with the allure of a hard to get Mount. It’s even a two-seater! 

So does learning about the Mentor system help ease your fears if you’re still considering playing this game? Or are you planning to become a Mentor once you’re strong enough? Do you already have experience as a Mentor? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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