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Final Fantasy XIV Classes: How to Unlock the Dancer Job

by Lucas White

Shadowbringers is Final Fantasy XIV’s current subtitle, and most recent expansion. This is one of the seven year-old MMO’s most ambitious expansions yet, bringing an entire alternate world into the story, adding new races, and bringing two new jobs into the mix that also operate in strange ways. One of those jobs is the Dancer, a Final Fantasy staple but always unconventional presence. If you want to play a DPS character but are sick of the same old same old, the Dancer is a great option especially if you like to get tricky. But like its counterpart Gunbreaker, Dancer has to be unlocked before you can use it.

Unlocking the Dancer Job in Final Fantasy XIV

Just like Gunbreaker, unlocking Dancer requires a character that has already reached level 60 in a previous job, and it can be in either category (Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic). Once you’ve met that requirement you’ll need to get to hub city Limsa Lominsa, and talk to the NPC Eager Lominsan at coordinates (X: 9.8, Y: 12.0). This will set you on the quest Shall We Dance and the path to becoming a Dancer. 

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This quest is not complicated; you just have to speak with some other characters to get the story going. Once you wrap that up you’ll unlock Dancer and receive the following rewards:

  • 167,400 EXP
  • 745 gil
  • Soul of the Dancer
  • High Steel Chakrams
  • Softstepper’s Attire Coffer

This is the full Dancer kit, as the Coffer item contains a full set of level 60 armor just for Dancers. Once you’re geared up you’ll be able to check out the techniques you have, which are largely about casting buffs and chaining together dance moves for big damage and more buffs for you and your party members. It’s a lot of fun, especially as there is a slight random element to the dance chains, so you have to really pay attention to your rotation (in a good way).

Once you catch your bearings as a Dancer it’s a good idea to go ahead and seek out Nashmeira, who will be pretty close to where you started at coordinates (X:9.1, Y: 15.1). This NPC will set you on the Dancer storyline quest Gamboling for Gil, and put you on track to go through those quests and reap the Job-relevant rewards.

Are you a new player just chomping at the bit to become a Dancer, or are you just here to shout out your favorite Job? Let us know where you are in your Final Fantasy XIV journey and what you think of the Dancer over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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