FFXIV and Fall Guys Crossover Event: All Rewards Listed

You can call me Queen Bean

FFXIV Fall Guys Outfits
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If saving life as we know it wasn’t enough to give you main character syndrome, you’ll definitely find it in Blunderville. The Final Fantasy XIV and Fall Guys Crossover Event is now live, and there are many wild and wacky rewards for players to obtain.

All Rewards in the Final Fantasy XIV and Fall Guys Collaboration Event

There are a range of rewards for eager players to obtain as they take on the different Blunderville shows. From an incredibly flashy outfit to a mount, two minions, and more. Every single time that you participate, you will receive MGF, which can be traded in for any of the items below.

Event Items

Event ItemMGF Required
Gentlebean Knit Cap410
Gentlebean Parka410
Gentlebean Bottoms410
Gentlebean Shoes410
Matte Winner’s Crown410
Glossy Winner’s Crown410
Rhiyes Identification Key410
Ballroom Etiquette – Embracing Blunders410
Pink Bean350
Blunderville Crown220
Blunderville Flag220
Blunderville Donut Bumper220
Blunderville Padded Wall220
Blunderville Rainbow220
Blunderville Hammer220
Everybody Falls (Fall Guys Theme) Orchestrion Roll220
Blunderful Framer’s Kit200
Blunderous Framer’s Kit200
Blunder-villed Framer’s Kit200
Standard Rationing Manual200
Gold Saucer Aetheryte Ticket200
Gunmetal Black Dye750
Pearl White Dye750
Metallic Brass Dye750
Ruby Red Dye150
Cherry Pink Dye150
Canary Yellow Dye150
Vanilla Yellow Dye150
Dragoon Blue Dye150
Turquoise Blue Dye150

Event Achievements

The following four achievements can be earned during the FFXIV and Fall Guys Crossover event. The fourth one comes with a title, but it’s not going to be easy to unlock it.

AchievementHow to UnlockReward
It’s a Blunderful Life IPlace first in Blunderville.5 Achievement Points
It’s a Blunderful Life IIPlace first in Blunderville 10 times.5 Achievement Points
It’s a Blunderful Life IIIPlace first in Blunderville 50 times.5 Achievement Points
It’s a Blunderful Life IVPlace first in Blunderville 100 times.5 Achievement Points
Title: Queen Bean/King Bean

Event Duration


The event is pretty generous when it comes to MGF and earning enough so that you can obtain the event items. The title on the other hand, is going to be a bit of a grind. Luckily, the event is active now until Sunday, December 31, 2023, at 6:59 a.m. (PST). And so, you have plenty of time to run your little bean heart out.

Usually, the Gold Saucer is a break from regular FFXIV gameplay, but it is fairly likely that you will feel like you need a break from Blunderville, too. Luckily, Blunderville isn’t the only new addition, and you can set foot in the Aloalo Variant Dungeon.

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