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Final Fantasy Explorers Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Final Fantasy Explorers is a game that doesn’t fall in line with many of the other titles in the Final Fantasy series. While the main line games have offered varied gameplay styles from turn-based RPGs, to MMORPGs, to more action-oriented titles, Final Fantasy Explorers is very similar to Monster Hunter. With this change in play style, you may need some tips to help you get off to a good start as you travel around slaying monsters and crafting new gear. We’ve got you covered with a set of tips that should do just that and more!

Always Upgrade Your Gear

As you play through Final Fantasy Explorers you will be completing a large number of quests. Each time a quest concludes you should head over to the hub and check out the vendors there. The wares they’re selling will change as you complete quests and it’s important to upgrade your gear with these wares as often as possible.

New gear is almost always better than what you’re currently wearing, and while crafting is important, buying gear from the vendors can save you a lot of time. Unless you’re willing to put in the work to obtain the best gear available, continually buying new and improved gear from the vendors will help you defeat more powerful monsters. It’s still important to craft new gear, but this will get you by until you have the items needed to craft the gear you want.

NPCs Provide Gifts

Usually speaking with an NPC in a Final Fantasy game is limited to fleshing out or furthering the story narrative. In Final Fantasy Explorers you can actually receive gifts from the NPCs. For this reason it’s important to speak to as many NPCs as you can. You never know what that NPC might say or even give you, but it’s almost always useful in some way. At the very least you’ll get more out of talking to the NPCs in Final Fantasy Explorers than you would speaking with NPCs in most other Final Fantasy titles.

The Grind is Real

Quests are the name of the game in Final Fantasy Explorers. You’ll need to complete as many quests as possible to find materials you can craft with, advance the story and earn enough Crystal Points (CP) to upgrade your various abilities. While some people will want to rush through each story quest as quickly as possible, you’ll have to complete a good number of side quests if you want to be strong enough to take on some of the more daunting story quests. Expect to be grinding through side quests frequently in Final Fantasy Explorers, especially if you want to obtain the best gear available.

Use Abilities and Resonance

Abilities are important in most Final Fantasy titles, but they are extremely important in Explorers. Most abilities in Final Fantasy Explorers are stronger than your physical attack. In addition, using abilities fills your Resonance gauge which leads to Crystal Surges and even more great abilities and power.

Here’s a list of the elements and affinities associated with your abilities:

Elements and Affinities
Element Affinity Inflicted Notes
Slash Death KOs the target.
Strike Confusion Changes movement directions.
Thrust Fog Cannot use physical abilities.
Shot Disable Stops all actions other than movement.
Fire Burn Causes damage over time and lowers defense.
Ice Freeze Stops all actions.
Thunder Paralysis Stops all actions other than movement, and slows movement speed.
Earth Immobilize Stops all movement.
Wind Sleep Stops all actions.
Water Silence Stops the use of all magical abilities.
Light Slow Slows movement speed.
Dark Blind Lowers accuracy.

We’ll have more on Final Fantasy Explorers in the coming weeks. For now be sure to check out our job chart or game hub for more tips and tricks to help you through the game!

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