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Final Fantasy Cheats and Tips – NES Classic Edition

by Prima Games Staff

Originally released in the summer of 1990, Final Fantasy was one of the first large scale RPGs to hit home consoles. Having spawned a commercially and critically successful series, it is no wonder that Final Fantasy made its way onto the NES Classic Edition when Nintendo decided to re-release 30 of its classic games in one box. In this article we’ll be taking a look at this classic RPG and sharing some helpful hints and tips that can revolutionize your time with the game.

How to Defeat Tiamat in One Round

You can easily defeat Tiamat with one hit in Final Fantasy. To do this, you’ll need to make your way through the game to the Sky Castle. While on Level One you can find a chest with the Bane Sword inside. When this sword is used as an item it will cast Bane. Wait until you get to the fight with Tiamat, and then use this sword as an item to cast Bane. This will defeat Tiamat, making this boss fight much easier to complete.

How to Earn Experience Quickly

There are two known ways to maximize experience and speed up your character leveling in Final Fantasy. The first way is to make your way to Astros Castle after you have acquired the Mystic Key. With the Mystic Key you can enter a special treasure room with three chests. Stepping in front of each chest will trigger a fight, allowing you to fight several enemies. If you have the Harm2 and Fire2 spells you can easily defeat these enemies. You’ll be able to receive 60-75 EXP depending on the enemies that spawn.

The second method you can use to earn experience quickly is to grind a couple of key areas in the game. The first area is east through the mountains near the port town that you start at, the town where you get your ship. Move east through the mountains, then north to the nearby peninsula. You’ll find a channel of water nearby. Wander around the area to encounter powerful enemies that you can kill and earn XP from. The second area is in the Earth Cave. Head west on the first floor until you reach the hallway that loops around in a square-like shape. You’ll find powerful enemies here as well that you can fight and defeat for nice amounts of EXP.

How to Make Easy Money

In order to use this method to make money you’ll need to first get the ship. Once you have the ship, save at the first town and then turn the NES off. Don’t reset it. Turn it off. Turn it back on and restart your game. Head south, back to your ship. Keep sailing south and you should be attacked by the Blue Pirates, KYSOKUS. You’ll be able to easily earn 2000gp every 4-5 fights, which can rack up pretty quickly as you level up even more.

If you use the “hacks” we’ve mentioned above, you should be able to earn more experience, save up more money, and get better at taking on the harder bosses in Final Fantasy. You can also use the Lit3 spell over and over again during the Kraken fight to take it down extremely quickly. Of course, if you haven’t beaten the game before, we’d suggest completing it without using any kind of cheats so you can fully experience this classic role-playing game. Return to our NES Classic Edition guide, or take a look at these cool Mega Man 2 codes and cheats.

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