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Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition – Combat Tips

by Josh Hawkins

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition takes the world and story from the original game and translates them over to the mobile gaming scene. This means that things work a bit differently than they did in the console version of the game, and we’ll share an assortment of Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition combat tips to help you get used to combat in new mobile game. With these combat tips you should be taking out foes in no time!

FF15 Pocket Edition Combat Tips

Combat in Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition is based on taps and long-taps. As you fight enemies you’ll need to pay careful attention for prompts that appear on the screen, which you’ll need to hit to activate things like special abilities, dodges, and counterattacks.

At the start the easiest way to fight is to simply tap on the enemy that you want to attack. This will cause your character to attack the target of your choice. If you need to move around the battlefield, tap on the ground to move there, or if a target is over on the other side of the area, you can also long-tap the character (or the icon above them) and then you will dash over to them, dealing additional damage to the enemy as you travel.

When it comes to special abilities, you’ll need to pay attention to the right-hand side of the screen and look out for alerts that pop up. When they do, tap on them and you’ll activate the powers that your allies have to offer.

Oftentimes enemies will try to attack Noctis and you’ll receive a popup on the screen. If you can tap this screen at the right time, you’ll activate a dodge or even a counterattack that can oftentimes leave your enemies wounded and stunned.

Another important part of combat is staying alive and fighting is no doubt going to lead to the enemy landing some hits on you. You can deal with this easily by using healing potions, which can be accessed at anytime via the small icon on the top-right corner—underneath the settings option. Click this and then select the potion that you want to send. Once you have the potion, simply tap the icon of the character that needs the healing and then you should automatically heal up, allowing you to dive right back into battle without any issues.

As we said before, Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition is very similar to the original FF15 game which released last year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We’ll continue to create new content for the game to help our readers get used to the new style, so make sure you check back often to see the most up to date information and guides for the game.

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