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Final Fantasy 15: How to Level Up Fast

by Prima Games Staff

Like any Final Fantasy game, your party members can level up by gaining experience completing objectives and quests, or simply taking down enemies throughout the world. If you want to be able to take on all the challenges that the Kingdom has to offer, you’re going to need to know the best ways to earn experience. In this article, we’ll go over several ways that you can earn experience, allowing you to level up quickly and efficiently in Final Fantasy 15.

How to Earn Experience Points

The first step to leveling up is to earn experience. This can be accomplished through several different means. The best way to currently level up and gain experience quickly is to complete side quests throughout the game. These special quests don’t actually progress the main storyline, but they offer generous rewards in both experience and Gil. You can find these quests by looking for NPCs with question marks above their heads. These are sometimes also marked on the map. Head to the location marked, speak with the appropriate person and then complete the quest for the reward.

Another good way to earn experience and Gil is to complete Hunter quests. These can often be picked up from diner owners and other people of interest in outposts and settlements. The earliest Hunter quests can be found at the Crow’s Nest Diner. Head inside and speak with the merchant behind the counter to learn more about the contracts.

Make the Most of Experience Points

In Final Fantasy 15, any experience points gained throughout a quest or while killing enemies will not be tallied up until you rest for the night. Because of this, if you die before you rest, you’ll lose your experience points. This makes resting an important part of the game. There are currently three different ways that you can rest your party. 

The first way is at havens. These are like campgrounds that allow you to rest and setup camp. Ignis can cook a meal, and the party can recharge and tally up the experience points that they earned throughout the day. It doesn’t cost anything to spend the night at a haven.

The second way you can rest is a campground. Similar to a haven, these areas don’t cost anything to sleep at, and allow you to refresh and cook meals while tallying up any experience points that you gained since your last rest.

The third way that you can rest up and tally experience points is to sleep at a hotel or resort. These places often cost more to stay at, anywhere from 300 Gil to 10,000 Gil, but they offer an experience boost that can be used to push your character to even higher levels. This is the preferred method of resting, if you can afford it.

Hotels in Final Fantasy 15 with Exp Boosts

There are currently only three hotels that we know of that offer experience boosts. We included their locations below, as well as the amount of boost you’ll receive for staying in them. You should be aware, though, these hotels are not cheap, and will cost a good amount of Gil. Make sure you have plenty.

The first hotel with a boost can be found in Galdin Quay. It costs 10,000 Gil to stay here for one night, so make sure you have a lot of experience to profit from if you choose to spend that kind of cash. Staying here will give you a 2X boost to all your experience.

The second hotel with a boost is the Altissia hotel. Speak with the first NPC behind the counter to receive an experience boost of 1.5X. This will cost you roughly 5,000 Gil to stay at.

You can also speak with the second NPC at the Altissia hotel to stay there for a 3X boost on all your experience. This will cost you a hefty 30,000 Gil.

Using hotels and resorts to your advantage is the best way to make sure you’re gaining the highest amount of experience for each quest and contract that you take on. If you follow the information that we outlined above, you’ll hit level 50 in no time, giving you plenty of options to use to take down your enemies. Just make sure you save often to avoid losing any experience points gained during side quests or main story missions. You can return to our Final Fantasy 15 guide, or take a look at how to fish in Final Fantasy 15.


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