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Final Fantasy 15: How to Fish

by Prima Games Staff

Every member of your party in Final Fantasy 15 has a special skill. For the protagonist, Noctis, this skill is fishing. Players can use Noctis’ fishing skills for various things, like learning new recipes, finding food they can cook and even earning additional AP. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to use Noctis’ fishing skills, as well as go over an easy to locate fishing spot that you can access early in Final Fantasy 15’s story.

How to Fish

Fishing is actually quite easy when you get down to the basics. You use the mini-map included in the mini-game to find the best spots to catch fish, and then you throw out your line. You lure a fish in using some short quick reeling tactics, then once you have it on your hook, you have to play through the mini-game and follow all of the on-screen prompts. It’s a fairly straightforward process when it is all said and done, but it can be a bit tricky to get started with.

To improve your chances of hooking a fish, make sure you aim for the blue or golden dots on the map. You’ll want to hit right on top of them, or at least as close as possible. We tried multiple times, but found that hitting beyond them, and trying to entice them with just the movement of the line from reeling in wasn’t enough to grab their attention.

Once you’ve tossed the line in, and the battle music has begun, pay careful attention to both the location of the fish in the water, as well as the length of the red line along the top of your screen.

The longer this line is, the greater your chances of hooking the fish. If you see your line starting to entice the fish, do a quick single pull to one side to help get its attention more. Patience is a key part of fishing in Final Fantasy 15, so make sure you aren’t simply throwing your line out and then reeling it in. Give the fish time to think about his next decision. If you play it safe you should be able to hook the fish and start reeling him in with just a couple of tugs on your line. If you can, try to land your Lure right in front of the fish’s face. This will ensure a quick bite that you can use to reel it in quicker. Pay attention to the mini-map to see which direction the dots are moving.

After you manage to fill the line on your screen, you’ll have to move the Left Thumbstick to hook it. You’ll need to move it either Left, Right, or Up based on the prompt that appears on screen.

From here you simply need to reel the fish in, but pay careful attention to the middle of your screen. As the fish is reeled in, it will turn different directions, trying to get free from your hook. Move your Left Thumbstick to match his movements, and continue reeling him in as much as possible.

As you reel in the fish, tension will grow along your line. You’ll need to watch this carefully, as too much tension will cause your line to snap, causing you to not only lose the fish, but also your Lure.

Follow the prompts on the screen, and keep the tension down on your line to bring the fish in and complete the mini-game. Once you have caught a fish, check your line, and repair it within your Tackle if needed. You can also change your Lure here, which is a great way to help you catch additional types of Fish. In fact, each different Lure excels at catching different species of fish. This is the best way to diversify your cooking ingredients.

Of course, like anything in games of this sort, practice makes perfect. Fishing isn’t an RNG based mini-game, which means the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. Doing it more will also increase your level and skill, allowing Noctis to earn more AP and catch more expensive and exotic fish.

How to Find The First Fishing Spot

Unlike many games that include fishing, you can’t simply walk up to any body of water and throw out your line. Instead, you need to find dedicated fishing spots around the world of Final Fantasy 15. These spots can be a bit tricky to find at times, so we’ll cover all of their locations in another guide. For now, though, you can easily find a fishing spot at Galdin Quay, your first main destination after Cindy and Cid fix up the Regalia.

To find this spot, wait for Ignis to park the car. Hop out and head down towards the pier. There’s a set of steps that lead down to the beach.

Head onto the beach and follow it towards a shack at the edge of another small dock. This easy to find fishing spot can be located at the end of the dock. It will also give you a brief tutorial on how to use the fishing system. Fishing can be a pretty lucrative sport, and while it isn’t the most exciting thing to do in the game, it offers a great way to boost your AP, allowing you to pick up more upgrades along the way.

Players who have leveled up their Fishing skill can find a higher level Fishing Spot off to the left of the shoreline in Galdin Quay. It’s a lot harder to catch fish here, though. So, beware.

If you find yourself running low on Lures or Fishing Line, head to the nearest Bait and Tackle shop. Many times these shops will be near the Fishing Spot, however, you can always find a reliable tackle shop near Galdin Quay, just up the pier from the Fishing Spot we mentioned above. These shops are clearly marked on the signs around them, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them. In addition, we’ve also got you covered if you’re looking for the best fishing gear in the game!

You can learn more about the different systems in Final Fantasy 15 by checking out our Final Fantasy 15 guide You should also go ahead and learn how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 15, as leveling is an extremely important component of the game. We’ll cover more about this game over the coming days, so check back often for updates and new guides to help you along your journey.