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Final Fantasy 15 – The Ever Illustrious Regalia Quest

by Bryan Dawson

If you’re looking to upgrade the Regalia and get the Enhanced Headlights, you need to complete The Ever Illustrious Regalia quest in Final Fantasy 15. This quest comes immediately after The Ever Valorous Regalia quest. You can get on this line of side quests by speaking with Cindy, the daughter of the head mechanic of the Final Fantasy series, Cid.

The Ever Illustrious Regalia

When Cindy gives you the quest your first order of duty is to head to the Crestholm Channels dungeon just east of Hammerhead. When you reach the toll booth head right to find a small opening in the fence. Head through the hole and down the next path until you reach a small shaft which serves as the entrance to the dungeon.

If you’ve made it this far in Final Fantasy 15 you probably already know that you can’t save your progress while inside a dungeon. To be on the safe side, manually save your progress before you enter so you can reload if you get into trouble as you traverse Crestholm Channels. You don’t have to go far to find the quest location, but it’s good practice to save at the beginning of every dungeon just in case.

While the quest location is near the beginning of the dungeon, you can’t access it the first time around. You need to defeat the Nagarani dungeon boss down the long shaft. Once you’ve bested Nagarani head back to the start of the dungeon and you’ll find that you now have access to the platforms with ladders protruding from them. The quest location is at the top of this series of platforms.

Starting at the small platform with the raised ladder, head into the corridor just behind it. At the end of the corridor head to the left, then into the second corridor on the left. Follow the corridor to the quest location and the console that unlocks the secret door.

For the second path, head over to the longer platform with the protruding ladders and jump to the adjacent platform on the opposite side. A standard jump won’t be enough to make this moderately tricky jump. While you’re in mid-air, execute a weapon attack (Cirlce with the default PS4 control configuration) and you shouldn’t have an issue reaching the opposite platform.

Collect the headlights then make your way back over to Cindy to complete the quest. You’ve be rewarded with the Enhanced Headlights and 3,000 experience points for your troubles. When you’re done, be sure to head back to our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough and guide for more tips and strategies!