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Final Fantasy 15 – How to Summon, All Summons and Astrals

by Josh Hawkins

Summons—also known as Astrals—in Final Fantasy 15 are massive allies that can be called upon to help Noctis and his party during tough battles. Each Astral has a specific summon trigger, which must be met before it can be called into play. We’re going to tell you about all of the Astrals or Summons you can call upon in Final Fantasy 15, and even teach you how to get them.

How to Summon in Final Fantasy 15

Summoning in Final Fantasy 15 can be a bit tricky. Each Astral requires a specific requirement to be met before it can be summoned in battle. Likewise, you’ll also have to obtain the mark for each Summon before it can be used. Luckily we know how to get each Summon, and even what requirements must be met, so keep reading to let us bestow our knowledge upon you.

There are currently five Astrals that can be summoned throughout the game. They include:

  •         Titan
  •         Ramuh
  •         Shiva
  •         Leviathan
  •         Bahamut

We’re going to break down each Summon to make things easier to follow.

How to Summon Titan

Hailing from Lestallum, this dangerous stone behemoth can be summoned to deal massive amounts of melee damage to your enemies. When summoned, he makes use of his immense strength to release devastating amounts of damage upon your foes using large boulders that he pulls from the land around him. You can only summon Titan when an ally is incapacitated.

Titan can be summoned during battle after you defeat him in the Archean quest and receive his mark.

How to Summon Ramuh

The next Astral on our list may be familiar to players who picked up the Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae demo. Sparking with lightning-based powers, this massive ally can be summoned after the battle has been going on for a long while, making him ideal for helping to take down strong enemies who have been giving you a hard time. You gain Ramuh as a summon after you visit Fociaugh Hollow during the main questline.

How to Summon Leviathan

Available during the later parts of the game’s main story, Leviathan is a water based Astral that can only be summoned when you are near water and Noctis is in the “Danger” state. Being a massive monster makes Leviathan a formidable ally, and water cyclones that rip her enemies to shreds are something for players to look forward to in the later chapters of the story.

How to Summon Shiva

The incredibly unique and powerful Shiva is an outstanding Astral for those looking to up their summoning game. Based around ice and blizzard spells, this Astral can only be summoned when all of the summoning conditions of the other Astrals have been met. That means you’ll need to have Noctis in the “Danger” state, be near water, have an ally that is incapacitated and have been in the battle for a long while. It’s a lot of conditions to meet, but Shiva’s unique powers make her worth the hassle. She can be unlocked in later portions of the game.

How to Summon Bahamut

Unlike the other Astrals mentioned in this article, Bahamut cannot be openly summoned by simply meeting a set of requirements. Instead, Bahamut is summoned during a main story quest, and only at that point will players be able to take in the glory of this massive black dragon and the power that he holds.

It’s kind of sad that we can’t summon Bahamut, but we’re at least glad that this Final Fantasy classic made it into the newest iteration of the series.

How to Summon Carbuncle

A special Astral for the game, Carbuncle, the cute little foxlike creature that helps you in the Tuturial, can be summoned once you’ve met an interesting set of requirements. You must complete the Platinum Demo on the PlayStation 4. If you play through the demo to the end, you’ll get to name your very own Carbuncle, which will transfer to the game, allowing you to summon it as an Astral. The only other requirement you must meet is that your party needs to be in extreme danger, and in need of healing or reviving. At that point, you’ll be able to summon this Astral and revive and heal your party members.

That’s everything we currently know about summoning Astrals in Final Fantasy 15. You can return to our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough for more tips and tricks, or continue to our guide on how to level up quickly in Final Fantasy 15. There are a lot of cool things you can do in the game, so make sure you know how to fish, and even the best Ascension skills available.

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