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FIFA 16 FUT Beginner Tips – Team Chemistry, Earning Coins, Gold Cards

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will provide beginner’s tips for FIFA Ultimate Team, also referred to as FUT in EA Sports’ newest release, FIFA 16. We will teach you about the importance of team chemistry so you can put the best available players on the field. This also means earning enough coins to buy packs of cards containing different players. We’ll tell you what each color means, and how to earn coins without spending real money. 

When you first begin playing FUT 16, the game will ask you to name your team; you’re free to change this name at any point. From there you will receive a roster generated at random. The first thing that will stand out (in addition to a lack of superstars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo) are the bronze, silver or gold card backings for each player. This designates a player’s overall skills. A player with ranking anywhere between 0-64 is bronze, a person ranked 65-74 is silver and finally, players with ranking 75-99 are gold. The latter represents the best players in FUT 16, and you must know each person’s attributes (speed, passing ability and so forth).  You should name one of these players the captain of your team (this does not improve the team per se, it’s merely a cool feature) and build around this person. 

Additionally, over time you will amass more silver cards. When this happens, begin to dump the majority of weaker bronze players and replace them with silver teammates. Meanwhile with card packs, the color you buy (again, bronze, silver or gold) means the majority of players and assets falling into this particular color will appear. In other words, you won’t find many bronze cards in a silver pack. Ideally, you want to save up coins to buy as many silver and gold card packs as possible. 

Team Chemistry in FUT 

Great team chemistry is essential to dominating FUT 16. Bring up your active roster and make note of the colored lines connecting players on the football pitch. These lines communicate how well two players mesh. A green line, for example, means the two players have outstanding chemistry. Meanwhile, players with similar skills but less chemistry are yellow. Lastly, a red line means terrible chemistry, and you should seek to avoid red as much as you can. 

FUT measures player chemistry using different factors, such as nationalities, the league both players came from and the club they belong to. No chemistry will prove disastrous in a game, and you simply won’t win many matches featuring guys who don’t play nicely with each other; the motto of FIFA 16 is play beautiful, after all.

Don’t substitute the whole roster to achieve the best chemistry right away. Instead, use the player preview option, which shows what would happen to the roster if you subbed in a certain player. 

How to Earn Coins in FUT 16 

Now that you know your roster, go into the FUT store from the main menu. EA Sports gives you 500 coins to start, and you also have some complimentary card packs to open. After doing this, keep an eye out for high-ranking players and consumables, which includes things like stadiums, managers, doctors and kits. Find something you don’t want? Choose Quick Sell and the game immediately puts coins into your virtual account. Otherwise, choose Send to Club if you want to keep someone or something.

A word about consumables, or assets. These come in a wide variety, from coaches to game balls.  Players may seem more important at first, but FIFA 16 identifies areas for improvement and will suggest activating specific consumables (fitness rating boost or positioning help). These go a long way to improving your team, so don’t dismiss them. 

FIFA Points in FUT 

In addition to coins, you have the option of acquiring FIFA Points, which you buy with real currency. Use FIFA Points to purchase silver and gold card packs, or enter FUT Tournaments. It’s the best way to eliminate much of the FUT grind, but it’ll cost you.

FUT Single Player Modes

Unfortunately, those 500 coins are not enough to create a super team. Everyone wants more, and to earn coins, you must take part in matches, tournaments and drafts. Begin with the FUT single player modes, of which, there are four: Single Player Season, Single Player Draft, Single Player Tournament and Team of the Week. We outlined each mode below. 

-With Single Player Season, you take part in leagues comprised of 10 game seasons. You earn coins throughout. 

-Single Player Tournaments let you choose among four ladders comprised of 16 teams. Each person receives rewards based on performance.

-Single Player Draft is akin to a fantasy draft. You select once per round from a group of five players at different positions. After finishing your team, you must achieve four consecutive wins, whereupon which you gain some loot.

-Team of the Week challenges you to beat a different fantasy squad (as the name implies) each week.

Side Note: You will obtain assets by completing Manager Tasks, located in the My Club section on the main FUT menu.

FIFA Ultimate Team Quick Tips

-Remember to immediately open those complimentary packs. 

-While determining chemistry, always search for players hailing from the same country, league and/or club.

-Begin earning coins with the FUT single player modes. The higher the difficulty, the sweeter the rewards, but choose a setting you are most comfortable with. Manageable enough to win, but also putting your skills to the test.

-Players receive coins and assets after gaining achievements on the field. Don’t let up!

-Spend those coins to buy players with excellent chemistry! 

-Take part in FUT Draft. FIFA 16 supplies you with a fresh squad and you have a chance at four consecutive victories for big time prizes (players, card packs or coins). You need 15,000 coins to enter a FUT Draft.  We’ll have more on FUT Draft soon!

For more, visit Prima’s FIFA 16 hub.

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