FFXIV: All QoL Updates Introduced in Patch 6.3

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Numerous changes were made to Final Fantasy XIV among all of its years in the market, and they proved to be effective as it’s still one of the most successful MMOs out there. These are applied periodically to the game, and patch 6.3 was no exception to this with many of its Quality of Life changes.

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We’ll be listing those small things added that can make our lives in Eorzea a lot better, as if being a god-slaying potato is not good enough. More context can be obtained from the complete patch notes, but here’s a quick summary of the QoL changes made in the latest update to FFXIV.

All QoL Updates Introduced in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3

From helpful tooltips to functionality changes, things are better for everyone in the patch.

Damage Type Displayed Alongside Numbers

FFXIV QoL Damage Type
Image via Square Enix

A very small but important change for high-end optimization in Raids. Some mitigation skills, such as Dark Missionary from Dark Knights, only decrease the Magical Damage received and are useless against physical hits. This change helps players identify where to use those skills without resorting to third-party apps.

Extra Waymarks Slots

More raid-friendly changes. Just like the Glamour Plate changes we had a few months ago, players can now save up to 30 (originally 5) different Waymarks for battles. With the ever-increasing number of challenges that require precise coordination, being able to save more setups is a complete blessing from the heavens.

Various Changes to Duties

Some older duties had a few of their mechanics’ indicators altered, while others had their whole fights redone. This avoids that “early installment weirdness” feeling players had when returning to a Heavensward dungeon after playing too much Endwalker content, for example. Also makes a standard of “what can happen in a fight”. 

Quests Functionalities

Stepping out of pure combat content, some quests received a little bit of love in this patch. They will now display an icon on the map to show where you must go when the quest continues outside of a regular map. Custom Deliveries for Fishers also got a small treat with the appropriate bait and fishing spots being displayed in the quest itself.

New Icons

Duties that weren’t the traditional Dungeons, Trials, or Raids didn’t have a specific icon for them in the map until 6.3, but icons for Deep Dungeons (Heaven-on-High, Palace of the Dead), Field Explorations (Eureka, Bozja) and Variant/Criterion Dungeons (Sil’dihn Subterrane) are now displayed on the map.

Sanctuary Changes

Speaking of alternative duties, the Island Sanctuary was not only updated with new content but also received the ability to mark only your desired gathering spots (such as trees, soils, and rocks) to be displayed on the map, as well as showing their range for gathering. 

More filters for Set Agenda, Supply and Demand, and the Cropland Management windows were also added to help you navigate through them.

Retainer Updates

We can now give our retainers some fashion by casting Glamours on them, but that’s not all. They now have an “Entrust Duplicates” option when spoken to, which allows us to give them the same items directly. So if you always store your extra Materia with one of them, you can just use this button instead of giving them one by one. This won’t work on Elemental Shards, though.

Search for Specific Glamour Pieces

FFXIV QoL Glamour Search
Image via Square Enix

The most important change of them all: We can finally search for one specific item by name. No more searching looking through all of your pants just to find those same three you always use in all glams; they can now be searched by name, gender, or level. It only took them 10 years, but they’ve done it!

Lots of other changes were brought to this patch, but these were the most helpful ones in the patch as they remove many of the petty problems the game had. More of those should come in a few months. 

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