FFXIV 6.5: How to Unlock the Thaleia Alliance Raid

Divine conflict ahead

FFXIV 6.5 Patch Notes

The final step in the Myths of the Realm quests has finally arrived in Final Fantasy XIV. The third Alliance Raid in the series, known as Thaleia, concludes the story of Eorzea’s divinities in the game, as long as you can complete this new 24-man content. Unlocking it is quite an easy feat, so you won’t have much trouble with that.

Where to Unlock the Thaleia Alliance Raid in FFXIV

Thaleia is unlocked through The Heart of the Myth Side Quest, which you can obtain from Deryk at Mor Dhona (X:23.9 Y:9.1). It will be available as soon as you’ve completed The Secret of the Twelve quests beforehand, obtained in the same questline you first unlocked the Euphrosyne Alliance Raid. When you arrive at the area, you know you’re in the right place if you see lots of people around the Deryk.

The quest is quite lengthy, but unlocking the Alliance happens around halfway through it, and you’ll need to clear it once to proceed with your story. Any Disciple of War or Magic can enter the Alliance at Level 90 with an Item Level of 625 or higher. Some easy methods to do this are by getting Dungeon equipment, completing Normal Raids, or crafting/buying iLvl 640 pieces from the Market Board.

Thaleia Alliance Raids Rewards

If being one of the most visually stunning Alliance Raids in the game isn’t enough reward, completing Thaleia can get you the Theogonic equipment pieces, iLvl 650. You also have a chance to get other exclusive items, such as the Wind-Up Oschon minion, various Orchestron Rolls and Triple Triad cards.

A fixed reward is the Thaleia Coin. Use it alongside the Aglaia Coin and the Euphrosyne Coin from the previous raids to buy the Divine Twine and Divine Shine from Nesvaaz at Radz-at-Han (X:10.6, Y: 10.0) to upgrade your Credendum equipment to its Augmented version. These coins are limited to one per week, and you’ll need to keep completing the previous Raids to get them, too.

If your only goal is to get the Divine items, they’re also available with Nuts now, so you have multiple options for getting your new equipment in the final expansion patch in the game.

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