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Final Fantasy XIV: FF14 Patch 5.1 Changes – What You Need to Know

by Ginny Woo

Final Fantasy XIV enthusiasts, rejoice! The new NieR raid content is arriving in Patch 5.1, which we’ve already given you the goss on, but there’s plenty more dropping in the next update on 29 October which is going to make your Eorzean journey even better. We’re talking about quality-of-life improvements, some new features, and some profession changes which sound real fun. Sure, there’s going to be the new Extreme Hades trial and the Grand Cosmos dungeon that we’ll be excited to crack into, but we’re more concerned with some wider changes to the game that will be affecting everyone’s experience. Check out our guide to the FF14 Patch 5.1 changes as we run down what we think you need to know. 

FF14 Patch 5.1 Changes: Crafting Rehaul and Restoration of Ishgard

Similar to the Restoration of Doma, the Restoration of Ishgard is now headed to FFXIV for crafters and gatherers. If you’re wanting to put your skills to good use, you can use it to assist the struggling city-state and honestly, it’s about time that we gave back to the Ishgardian community after being preoccupied with continent-wide conflicts elsewhere ever since the original recovery effort. However, the real boon for crafters is that we’re gonna get a recipe tree, which will outline all the materials and previous-tier items needed to make something. They’ll be tweaking some skills as well to remove bloat, thank the lord. 

FF14 Patch 5.1 Changes: Job and Balance Changes

A number of jobs are going to get some overall balance changes, and everyone’s favorite abandoned Blue Mage job is receiving some love too! We’re talking bumping the level cap, the quests to go along with it, and also new BLU challenges. Fun!

In terms of the job changes, let’s run down the list. It’s, well, decently long. However, Scholar, White Mage, and Black Mage are pretty untouched so we’ve not got them on the radar:

Job and Balance Changes – Astrologian

  • MP numbers and potencies for spells are going to be tweaked
  • Minor Arcana will be adjusted to cut out some steps after card selection
  • Specifics of Collective Unconscious will be adjusted for use depending on the sect that you’re in. If you’re in Diurnal, it will give you a HoT and a barrier worth 10% damage mitigation. If you’re in Nocturnal, it’ll give you a 10% damage mitigation shield for 20 seconds.

Job and Balance Changes – Bard

  • Your tunes will now have utility effects included
  • Expect buffs across the board to support abilities

Job and Balance Changes – Dancer and Machinist

  • Actions will have their potencies adjusted and increased
  • Some skills will have their CDs reduced

Job and Balance Changes – Dragoon

  • Dragoon will have their overall potency increased
  • Expect some tweaks to how user-friendly DRG is 

Job and Balance Changes – Monk

  • Mantra will be adjusted and nerfed slightly

Job and Balance Changes – Ninja

  • Ninjutsu and Mudra will be put on the GCD
  • Kassatsu is a normal ability again
  • Bhavacakra, Bunshin, and Hellfrog Medium will cost less and be reviewed
  • Ten Chi Jin and Trick Attack have been adjusted

Job and Balance Changes – Red Mage

  • Abilities will receive an increase in potency across the board
  • Acceleration is going to be reworked to be stack-based, its timer removed, and CD tweaked

Job and Balance Changes – Samurai

  • Shoha will have a fixed potency and now be a stack-based ability
  • Meditation bonuses can be received from Meditate, Tsubamegaeshi, and Iaijutsu
  • SAMs should see a DPS increase
  • Your CD after Tsubamegaeshi will be affected by Skill Speed

Job and Balance Changes – Summoner

  • Egi Assault 1 and 2 will go on the GCD and have their potencies increased
  • Your traditional opener is going to be slimmed down
  • Cooldowns will undergo some adjustment
  • Tri Disaster will now award direct damage instead of Ruination
  • Bane’s effect potency will be adjusted and scaled from 15% to 100%

Job and Balance Changes – Tanks

  • Overall buffs to defence
  • Reprisal is now an AOE ability and has its duration increased to 10 seconds
  • Sentinel will now have a duration of 15 seconds
  • Holmgang’s effect will also last longer

FF14 Patch 5.1 Changes: PvP Changes, New Beast Tribe

There’s going to be a number of new PvP actions introduced in the patch, and some overall balance changes. An addition for everyone is going to be a Battle High meter which will carry across certain battlegrounds, and there’s also going to be a whole new battleground added (though this will arrive a little later in 5.15). We’re also going to have the Pixie Beast Tribe area introduced to us, which will involve a whole new slew of quests and reputation to grind – we’re looking forward to some adorable fey goodies for sticking with it!

FF14 Patch 5.1 Changes: New Game Plus and Fellowships

So, Fellowships are also going to be heading into FFXIV. We’re not talking about taking the One Ring to Mordor quite yet (even though we’d lose our minds over a crossover like that), but instead, Fellowships in Eorzea are going to function like secondary Free Companies or something similar. You can hop into a Fellowship with up to 999 other people, and each one will have goals to complete certain activities in the game, allowing you to party up with like-minded people. These will be data-center wide, so it can be a way for you to pal up with mates that aren’t on the same server. Sounds fun, no?

We’ve also got New Game Plus lined up, which is something that we’ve been praying for. It’s really just a way to gun through the story again, and a vehicle by which you can level your other jobs (no more endless sidequesting). You can use New Game Plus to access stories from all the different expansions, and it won’t cause any pesky resets! It’ll just be a sweet way to earn experience, but you won’t receive item rewards from the quests that you’re re-doing. A Realm Reborn, the real pain in the ass for most returning players, isn’t a part of this feature but we do know that they’re wanting to make that less onerous for everyone so only time will tell.

Woof. Now that we’ve pinned down all the salient FF14 Patch 5.1 changes, getting up to speed before the new NieR content comes out should be a piece of cake. We tried to catch every important job change that was mentioned in the livestream, and by god were there a whole lot of them. Keep your eye on our FFXIV guides hub a little closer to the patch dropping for updates, news, and more!

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