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Far Cry Primal – All Izila Mask Locations

by Bryan Dawson

There are a number of collectible items in Far Cry Primal that reward experience points with each one that you find. We’ve covered the Spirit Totems which give you a two percent bonus XP boost, so be sure to collect those as quickly as you can to get the most of that boost. Along the way you can collect any Izila Masks that you come across. There are 25 total Izila Masks in the game, and we’ve got the locations of each one.

Izila Mask Locations

Payska River Outpost – Go east of the outpost to find a Fast Travel campfire point. To the west of the campfire is a cliff, and you’ll find the Izila Mask hanging off the cliff.

Tushwarha Outpost – There’s an outpost with an underground lair near the west side. To the left of that entrance a Izila Mask hangs from a cliff.

Burning Spear bonfire – The bonfire is locatd near the Mash Baya Rocks. Between the two locations you’ll find a waterfall with a grappling point. To the left of the grappling point is an Izila Mask.

Mash Baya Rocks – When you reach the rocks head southwest to find a collection of logs and rocks. To the south of this location you’ll find an Izila Mask hanging on a cliff above.

Bandu Blood Stone – North of Bandu is a mountain where you’ll find an area filled with trees. Above the trees is an Izila Mask. To target it you need to move to the southern shelf where the standing stones are located, then shoot through an opening to reach the Izila Mask.

Chishta Cave – When you reach the cave head east to the rock bridge. There’s an Izila Mask on the south side above the arch.

Tall Watchers – Head to the Tall Watchers then make your way northwest to find that the side of the mountain is tiered. There’s a tall cliff to the west that is facing south of the standing stones. It’s here that you’ll find an Izila Mask above (also facing south).

Drowning Huts – Go to the Drowning Huts and head northeast to find a waterfall. Climb up the nearby cliff to find the Izila Mask is located just left of the waterfall.

Great Prashrawa – Head east of Prashrawa to find a large split waterfall. Between the two waterfalls there’s an Izila Mask high on the rocks

Rotten Lake Outpost – Northwest of the outpost you’ll find a small pond. To the west of the pond is a small cliff where an Izila Mask hangs.

Rotten Lake Outpost (2nd Mask) – For the second mask go southwest from the outpost to find a waterfall and a pond. In the middle of the waterfall there’s an Izila Mask on the ledge.

Blajiman Stones – When you reach Blajiman Stones, head northwest to find a waterfall facing to the southeast. There’s an Izila Mask to the left, but you need to get above it or use the platform just off the water to get it. The ledge where the eagle’s nest is located provides the easiest shot.

Blajiman Stones (2nd Mask) – East of Blajiman Stones you’ll find a path that leads northeast. There’s a grappling point at the end of the path if you look directly above. There’s an Izila Mask hanging on a rock nearby.

Kaba Blade Outpost – If you follow the stream that runs south from the outpost you’ll eventually hit the eastern mountain where there’s a waterfall. To the left of the waterfall you’ll find some rocks with an Izila Mask hanging from them.

Stone Shadow Camp – You’ll find the Sisters of Fire at the Stone Shadow Camp (to the far southeast). As you make your way to the village you’ll find an Izila Mask hanging to the left of the path.

Great Scar Bear Hunting Grounds – Starting at the hunting grounds, head north to find a stream. This can also be found if you head east from Kalni Grave. On the right side of the stream is an Izila Mask.

Great Scar Bear Hunting Grounds (2nd Mask) – Head to the northeast portion of the hunting grounds to find a den at the Tomb of Teeth. You’ll know the entrance because there’s a log leaning up against a rock nearby. Head into the cave and turn right to find another Izila Mask

Fire Screamer Fort – Head west from the fort to find another Fast Travel campfire. Southeast of the campfire there’s an Izila Mask just east of a large boulder.

Fire Screamer Fort (2nd Mask) – There’s a cliff located west of the fort. On the eastern cliff face there’s an Izila Mask.

Fire Screamer Fort (3rd Mask) – For the third mask head east from the fort to find a waterfall. There’s an Izila Mask hanging very high to the left of the waterfall.

Snowblood Wolf Hunting Grounds – You’ll find the hunting grounds east of Great Prashrawa where there’s also a few offerings laid out for the Suxli with an Izila Mask right in the middle.

Fallen Tashla Outpost – North of the outpost is a waterfall. If you move to the base of the waterfall you’ll find a grappling point to the left that allows you to get to the top. There’s an Izila Mask on the ground by the offering to Suxli.

Split Rock Cave – The cave is located on the south side of Oros beyond the Praying Stones. Once you’ve located the cave, head west to find a vertical rock in the middle of a pond. There’s an Izila Mask on the rock wall just behind it.

Altar of Suxli – If you move deep into the Izila homeland you’ll find an Altar of Suxli. South of the altar there’s a single hut with an Izila Mask above the entrance.

Izila Village – Southwest of the village there’s a body of water with a broken tree on the south side. On the southern portion of the lake is a waterfall where an Izila Mask hangs from a tree.

If you’re looking for the other collectibles in Far Cry Primal, be sure to check out our guide hub here at Prima Games!

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