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Far Cry 5 – All Prepper Stash Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Far Cry 5 has quite a few hidden secrets for players to find in its dense forests, and as you scour the countryside in Hope County, you’re going to come across locations called Prepper Stashes. These Prepper Stash locations in Far Cry 5 are optional areas can often be looted to obtain funds, perk magazines, ammunition, and even weapons. We’ve been searching the forests, rivers, and landscapes around the county, and we’ve put together this Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash locations coverage to help you find all these hidden bunkers and collect their goods.

All Prepper Stash Locations

As we mentioned above, Prepper Stash locations are hidden bunkers/storage areas there citizens and the members of the Father’s cult have hidden various supplies like weapons, perk magazines, cash, and more. These locations are scattered around the county, and can often be found by interacting with citizens that have a diamond shaped icon above their heads.

In order to help you locate and loot each of the Prepper Stashes in the game, we’ve broken this guide up based on the name of the side quest that you receive when you first find out about the Prepper Stash. Below you will find images pinpoint the location of the stashes on the map, as well as images that will help you sort out where to go to solve the various puzzles or get past the various obstacles that block you from reaching these much-needed goods.

Since Far Cry 5 is open world, and players can come at the main story missions, you may reach some of these Prepper Stashes before or after other stashes on the list. You’ll also often find safe locations while looking for Prepper Stashes out in Hope County.

Sunken Funds

This is the first Prepper Stash that you can find in Far Cry 5 and it is located on the island that you first begin on. After getting out of Dutch’s bunker, make your way to the Silver Lake Boathouse.

Just west of the boathouse you will find a bunker and a note about the Prepper Stash.

In order to restore power to the pump, head down to the boathouse and then make your way around it and drop into the river.

Once in the river, swim under the main door of the boathouse and hop out onto the deck inside. Look for a set of power boxes on the wall and turn the power back on.

With the power back on, grab the key by the door and head out of the boathouse and back up to the bunker entrance. Look for the yellow valve on the pipe to the left of the bunker’s trapdoor. Turn it to start draining the water.

Head inside, down the ladder, and through the bunker to find the stash at the end.

Side Effects

The next Prepper Stash we found was just southeast of the Hope County Jail, at the Bright Warden Radon Spa.

Make your way to the location and then look for the entrance to the mines nearby.

The note for the Prepper Stash will be located in front of it.

Now you need to head inside and make your way through the winding tunnel to the left. There’s only one way to go, so just keep going until you reach the end and find this generator.

Restart the generator to pull all of the Bliss gas out, and then be prepared for a fight on the way back. Make your way all the way back to the entrance and look for the door to the right when you enter the mines. This light should now be green, allowing you to go inside.

Head inside the door to find this stash waiting to be looted.


To find the next Prepper Stash, head over to the Armstrong Residence.

Take a look at the note to learn that someone has stored a lot of gear in a bunker under her house.

From here you need to head around the house and look for a window that you can head inside. You’ll probably have noticed by now, too, that the entire house is in smoldering ruins. Be careful as you traverse the preciously standing walls and floors and keep moving through it until you reach the bunker’s entrance at the back corner.

Head inside to find this stash of goodies waiting to be claimed.

Deep Dive

Prepare to take a dive to get this next Prepper Stash. Make your way over to the Laurel Residence, near the Rye and Sons Aviation building.

Once here, grab a look at the note inside the house to learn about a flooded bunker.

Head outside the house and look for a small shed nearby. You’ll find another note there. Read it to learn about the key being underwater.

You’ll need to get the key to the shed if you want to drain the bunker, so open it up and then head down the ladder and into the water. Swim down through the bunker and look for the key to the shed on the table by a boarded-up doorway blocking the way forward.

Grab the key, head back up, and unlock the shed to find the pump controls inside. Activate them to clear out the water, and then head back down into the bunker and destroy the boards to find the goods inside.


This stash can be found high atop a place called Raptor Peak. It’s a tough one to get to, and you’re going to need to have made sure you have the Grappling Hook skill before you try to get it.

Head to Taft Lookout Tower below the peak and take out the enemies here. You’ll find the note for the Prepper Stash inside. Read it to learn that Resistance fighters have made their way to the peak.

Head up the mountain using the path and you’ll eventually come to a point where you need to start using your grappling hook to climb up the mountain.

Continue up the mountain until you reach the top, where you will find this stash near a tent the resistance fighters have set up.

Playing with Fire

To find this Prepper Stash, locate the Hope County Jail Bus just northwest of the Rye and Sons Aviation center.

Head to the location and look for the prepper’s note in the bus.

To find this Prepper’s Stash, head down to the water nearby and look for this tunnel entrance.

Head inside the tunnel and look for a branching tunnel off to the right. Move down it to find this locked gate at the end. The easiest way to get in is to lockpick it using the Lock Pick skill.


Head over to the Grain Elevator in John Seed’s Region to find this Prepper’s Stash.

Look for the note in front of the grain elevator to get things started.

To make your way inside, climb onto the metal roofing and bash you way through the boarded-up window on the second story.

From here you need to climb through the grain elevator and avoid the beehives scattered throughout the area. You can destroy them with molotovs if you need to, but most of them should be avoidable by either crouching or jumping over them. Eventually you should find your way to the top of the grain elevator’s tower, where you’ll find this stash of goodies in an old, makeshift sniper’s nest.


This next Prepper Stash can be located under the Bridge of Tears down in John’s region of Hope County. To access this Prepper Stash the way that the game intended you will need to have unlocked the Grappling Hook. Once you have that, head over to the Bridge of Tears and start the climb to reach this Prepper Stash.

Animal Control

Travel over to Howling Cave and look for this Prepper Stash note to start the quest.

Once you have the quest, make your way into the cave and take out any enemies inside. You’ll then need to use your Grappling Hook to reach the same level of the cave that has the helicopter in it. From here, loot all of the goods around to finish up this Prepper Stash.

Dumpster Diving

If you want to grab this Prepper Stash, make your way over to Dodd’s Dump and prepare to head inside. This Prepper Stash is a bit dangerous, so make sure you leave your companions outside, as they’re prone to getting stuck in the electrified water inside the dump.

To make it through this Prepper Stash, head into the building through the back and you should see the door that leads to the stash inside. Move past it, to the front of the building and turn on the power. This will cause the water on the ground to become electrified, which means you’re going to need to climb your way back to the entrance for the Prepper Stash.

High Tension

To find the next Prepper Stash you will need to find Lincoln Lookout Tower.

Once you’ve located the area, head over there and use the zipline until it forces you off of it. Don’t jump off, though. Instead, wait until it drops you off in a tree.

From here you need to jump over to the next tree and then walk your way across the limb to the next tree. There’s another tree to jump over to here, so hop over to it and you’ll find another zipline that you can use to reach the Prepper Stash.

Man Cave

Head to Sunrise Threshing and look out for a tower that you can climb up close by. Head to the top and use the zipline to hop the fence and then shoot open the locked door.

Head outside and get into the nearby truck. You’ll want to back this truck into the yard and it should attach itself to the trailer, allowing you to drive the trailer out of the yard and away from the hatch that leads down to the Prepper Stash. Head inside once it is clear.

Long Range Lockpick

To find this Prepper Stash you’re going to need to head to the Deep North Irrigation Reservoir. Make your way to the opposite side of the river and use a rifle with a scope on it to shoot the lock through the window of a nearby building. Now you need to swim back to the other side of the river and head inside to find the Prepper Stash.

Pooper Scooper

Make your way over to Silver Lake Summer Camp to find this Prepper Stash. Read the note to mark the quest, and then head into the main building by smashing the boards on the doorway. Look down at the floor here and you should see a bunch of poop.

Pick up all the poop that you can, and you’ll eventually find a Summer Camp Key Card in one of the piles. With the key card in hand, head back outside and use the key to open up the doors to each of the cabins until you find the Prepper Stash. Grab all the goodies inside before you continue.

Angel’s Grave

The next Prepper Stash you can find is at the Horned Serpent Cave in Faith’s Region. To find it, look for the note outside of a barred gate leading into the cavern. You’ll have to find a way into the cave from above, so head up the cliff using your Grappling Hook.

Once you reach the top, head forward until you find the hole leading down into the cave. This is where Project Eden’s Gate likes to get rid of their Angels, so head down into the cave and make your way through it. You’ll need to complete a couple of jumping puzzles to reach the stash at the end.


Head to Mcallough’s Garage to find the next Prepper Stash. Once you reach the main part of the garage, look around for the note and read it to start the quest. From here, head back out and use your melee weapon to smash through the barricades over the door. This will let you back into the main part of the garage in a different section.

Now you’ll want to look for a button on the far wall. This will open the door to the garage, allowing you access to the section of the building where this stash is hidden. Head through the new area to the back, where you’ll find a bathroom. Grab the keycard and head back out to the locked door to grab this Prepper Stash and complete it.

O’ Hara’s Haunted House

The next Prepper Stash is found at O’Hara’s Haunted House in Faith’s Region. Read the note at the start of the stash to begin this quest and then head inside using the scaffolding next to the house. You can head inside here to turn the power on, which will allow you to open up the door locking you out of the Prepper Stash. The biggest obstacle here is the haunted house itself. You’re going to need to walk through a few jump scares along the way, so just keep aware and stay vigilant as you continue through until you reach the end and gain access to the stash.

Dead Man’s Treasure

This is one of the more interesting Prepper Stashes you’ll explore, and it can be found outside of Dead Man’s Mill. When you arrive, take note of the waterfall beyond the mill. In order to gain access to this stash, head inside the mill by climbing under the cabin and making your way inside. Look around the interior for the water wheel, and then grab it and head back outside.

Interact with the small dam mechanism and the waterfall will stop flowing, the water blocked by the dam. From here, head around the dam and use your Grappling Hook on the Grapple Point to lower yourself down to a small cave that was previously hidden behind the waterfall. It’s easy enough, but nice to see the prepper’s in Hope County taking advantage of the environment around them.

Salvage Rights

This Prepper Stash can be found by making your way to the island where Salvage Camp resides, inside of Jacob’s Region. Head to the eastern side of the camp and read the note to start it up. From here, make your way east again and into the water. Swim out and then dive down to find Fred Tanner’s Key underwater. Grab the key then swim back to shore and open up the box to find some cash and the magazines inside of this Prepper Stash.

Gone Squatchin’

To find this Prepper Stash, head out to the Dansky Cabin up in Jacob’s region and read the note to learn you need Danky’s Key Card to open up the stash. This should also mark your map with a waypoint, which requires you to use your Grappling Hook to climb up the nearby cliff. Follow the cliff up to the waypoint and grab the key card off the body. Once you have it, head back down and open up the stash.

Unwelcome Guest

Read a note on the wall of Frank’s Cabin in Jacob’s Region and you’ll unlock this quest for this Prepper Stash. To find it, head towards the waypoint and look out for a bear in the path. Take the bear down, then continue past it to find the bear’s cave, where you should find this key on Frank’s body. Grab the key, then head back to Frank’s cabin and grab the stash inside.


To find this Prepper Stash, head over to Ozhigwan Falls in Jacob’s Region and look out for a bridge near the middle of the falls. Look below the bridge for a group of cultists and then take care of them. From here, look around the rocks for a backpack with this key near it. Grab the key, then follow the water down to find a truck with a locked crate in the back.


This Prepper Stash can be found near the wreck of a plane up in Jacob’s Region. Look out for a wooden bridge that you can jump across, then follow the path up. The closest area for this is Rattlesnake Trail Bridge. Head to the bridge then make your way up the path until you reach the plane’s crash site. Search the area for the key near the plane’s tail, then head south and find the box that you can open up to complete this stash.

Hangar Pains

This Prepper Stash can be found at the Lansdowne Airstrip in Jacob’s Region. Read the note to learn that the door has been locked. The note also mentions a skylight, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to get in from here. The good news is, you can do this pretty easily with a helicopter, just by landing on top of the building. But, if you don’t have a helicopter, you’ll need to do it the planned way, by climb up a nearby tower and using your Wingsuit to fly over to the hangar. Head inside, open up the hangar, and grab the goods inside.

The Holdouts

Finding this Prepper Stash can be a bit confusing, if you don’t know where you’re going. Head to the Elliot Residence and read the note on the side to learn about the stash. Now, you’ll want to head around to the opposite side of the house, climb up onto the roof, and make your way inside. Follow the halls until you reach a room with the Elliot’s Key Card. Grab the key card, then head back over and look for the shed outside, where you’ll find the entrance to this prepper stash waiting.


The final Prepper Stash here can be found outside of the Tanami Residence inside of Jacob’s Region. Head inside the boat by swimming under the water and in through an opening. Now, move along the inside until you find the control switch. Pop it open and then climb out of the window and swim under the cliffside. Follow the path forward until you reach the Prepper Stash at the end. Be wary of the snake inside.

We’ll continue to update this guide as we find more and more Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5. For now, though, head over to our Far Cry 5 guide where you can learn how to fish, as well as other useful information to help you take down the cultists in Hope County.

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