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Far Cry 4 – Find Mohan Ghale’s Journals

by Prima Games Staff

Far Cry 4 contains several mysteries, chief among them the fate of Ajay Ghale’s father, Mohan. We know he founded the revolution in the hostile country of Kyrat, otherwise known as the Golden Path. That said, we have many questions surrounding his fate, and the evil Pagan Min seems to have his own twisted opinion.

Thankfully, Mohan Ghale’s Journals are among the hundreds of collectibles you’ll find in the game, and there are 20 spread across a humongous area. It would take weeks finding them all, but we’ll tell you where each one is with exact coordinates.

Coordinates Location Where to look
x:216 y:425 Banapur Safe House Go into the house and look for a dresser. On top is a red book with a golden emblem.
x:247 y:397 Funeral Site (not named in FC4) Wait until Bhadra goes through a door, then look for a busted column to the left of that door.
x:273 y:606 Kyrat Intl. Airport Beat the Free Willis mission, go to the northwest end of the airfield and into an office in the warehouse.
x:299 y:425 Khilana Bazaar Clear the outpost, then go into the safe house to find the journal on a dresser.
x:326 y:684 Grapple at x:362 y:689 and go left. Follow the path and grapple if necessary. Use the zipline at x:346 y:686 to go over the ravine. Go inside the cave and look for the pit. Grapple down to find the journal.
x:328 y:432 Go into the warehouse and walk to the north side. Jump onto the pallet leaning against the white packages and then jump onto the shelf on the right. The journal is on top of those white packages.
x:380 y:573 Shanath Breeders Liberate the outpost and look for the journal on a table inside the safe house.
x:394 y:504 Rochan Brick Co. Storage Same deal as before. Free the outpost and grab the journal off the safe house table.
x:398 y:558 Kalinag’s Wisdom This journal rests on a table to the right of the thangka fragment from The Protector’s Arrival. Missed it? Re-enter Kalinag’s Wisdom at coordinates x:409 y:462 and return to the inner chamber.
x:405 y:669 Collapsed Ghupa You’ll see a cave shaft at x:405 y:665. Descend with the vines and collect the journal.
x:406 y:385 Udayagiri Cave Grapple at x:407 y:377, then use the grapple point to the left. When at the top, go left and jump onto the ledge. Grapple to swing over the chasm, then go right to find the boarded up cave. Smash the boards and you’ll see the journal on a sleeping bag in the back.
x:458 y:573 This one’s easy. The journal is right in front of the shrine, coordinates x:458 y:573.
x:485 y:788 Lake Visalakhutta At the bottom of the lake.
x:491 y:524 Go into the building and the journal is on a small table near the shrine.
x:505 y:640 Bridge Get to the middle of the King’s Bridge checkpoint, then go inside the building. The journal is on a desk, located on the second floor.
x:510 y:458 Yalung’s Spine When you reach the end of the cave, grapple all the way to the top. The journal is on a ledge.
x:514 y:500 Khazana Temple When you go inside the temple tunnel, go through the door on the left, over some rocks and collect the journal from a table.
x:524 y:577 Ghale Homestead Walk behind the main house and into the shed.
x:560 y:726 Asthi Den Grapple at x:558 y:734, go left and grapple on the cliff to your right. Walk up the hill and take note of the boulders on your right. The journal is between these boulders.
x:737 y:884 Lakshmana SPOILER: Don’t shoot Pagan Min. In the room after the cut scene, find the table to the left of the shrine. If you shot Pagan Min, you can still find the journal if you go back through the Royal Palace.

Far Cry 4 GuideGet the offical Far Cry 4 Guide . . .

  • Achieve 100% Completion
  • Find every collectible
  • Win every race
  • Bag every rare beast
  • Escort every convoy (except the ones you blow to pieces)


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