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Far Cry 4 – All 55 Masks of Yalung – Exorcist Trophy, Unlimited Tokens

by Prima Games Staff

Far Cry 4 – All 55 Masks of Yalung – Exorcist Trophy, Unlimited Tokens

If you think collecting all 150 Propaganda Posters in Far Cry 4 is a tall order, wait until you set off to locate the 55 Masks of Yalung. Ubisoft put these creepy collectibles in hard to reach places, from the top of a mountain to the bottom of a lake; apparently, a serial murderer left them there. You’ll find them inside lanterns, fake ceilings and plenty of other places you probably wouldn’t think to look. It’ll literally take upwards of 10 plus hours to find them all without a guide. 

Fortunately you found us, and we not only have the coordinates, but also descriptions on how to track down each mask. Grabbing one of these suckers results in hero Ajay Ghale earning Guns for Hire tokens, which let you call upon Golden Path freedom fighters to aid you in combat. Find them all to receive unlimited tokens! 

On that note, the mysterious Masks of Yalung!

Coordinates Location Where to find it
x:200 y:533 Bagmati Camp There’s a rock in the middle of the stream to the east of the body, beneath some plants.
x:205 y:415 Ettan’s Shack Walk to the east side of Ettan’s shack and check under the bed.
x:209 y:479 Army Supply Flight 2412 Northwest of the downed plane is a body behind a large boulder, coordinates x:206 y:481.
x:210 y:568 North of Danger Dashed The mask is on a riverbed, located at coordinates x:208 y:567.
x:221 y:618 Yalung’s Soul Climb and head into Yalung’s Soul. There’s a shrine, and the mask is on the ceiling. Blast it!
x:236 y:478 Yalung’s Skull Go all the way to the end of the cave and look for the mask on a boulder.
x:260 y:394 Army Supply Flight 2911 Jump into the lake and check near the plane wreckage.
x:267 y:552 Yakshini’s Flesh Walk to the end of the cave to find the mask on a table decorated with a red cloth.
x:269 y:496 Kalasha Ashram Check out the cave behind the tent. The mask is inside.
x:310 y:567 Rochan Delivery Wreck Walk towards the waterfall but don’t go through it. The mask is on a rock.
x:311 y:482 Satish’s Sad Room Explore the upper portion of the cave to find the mask inside the furthest cell. Shoot to collect.
x:313 y:298 Yalung’s Tears This time, go through the waterfall and find the mask in the small pool of water inside.
x:320 y:361 Army Supply Flight 2707 See the plane next to the cliff. The mask is behind its wing.
x:325 y:589 Get to the house and walk to the south side. The mask is on top of some shelves.
x:356 y:440 The mask is on the boat. Check the front.
x:356 y:558 Raksi Still When you arrive at the house, go to the northeast wall. The mask is inside of a cage.
x:360 y:521 Yalung’s Heart Walk into the cave and find the mask in shallow water.
x:361 y:336 Watery Grave Jump into the lake, swim to the bottom and collect the mask near the pile of bones.
x:372 y:400 The Partisans’ Clinic Tour the cave and be on the lookout for a body on a gurney. There’s a mask on the corpse.
x:388 y:421 Shanath Poachers Walk around to the north side of the house to find a dead lion and the mask inside of a cage.
x:399 y:781 KEO Logistics Go into the house, walk to the second floor and open the dresser drawer between two bunk beds.
x:413 y:541 When at the bridge, find the mask on the southwest corner.
x:415 y:605 Yalung’s Stomach Go inside the Stomach at coordinates x:418 y:604 and walk to the back. The mask is on a skeleton.
x:417 y:469 Look at the house near the road. Walk to the south side and find the mask on some shelves.
x:422 y:392 Kyra’s Respite Grapple your way to x:423 y:390. Check the southwest edge and grab the mask from the low platform.
x:425 y:674 Dhyangro Ashram Walk inside the house and grab the mask off the tiny shrine.
x:443 y:374 See the white car? Look for the pond and find the mask at the bottom.
x:451 y:515 Shanath Trappers Once you reach Shanath Trappers, head west to find a cage and a dead body. The mask is next to the corpse.
x:458 y:638 Enter the house and find the mask beneath the bed frame.
x:460 y:379 Kyra’s Tranquility When inside Tranquility, walk to the statue in the far right, then take the mask from the statue’s hands.
x:472 y:419 Cragway Rest Walk from the northeast and look for the corpse at Cragway Rest. The mask is on the body.
x:473 y:705 Yakshini’s Bondage Go into the cave at x:473 y:699, then travel down some stairs to discover the mask on a dead person.
x:473 y:496 Banashur’s Song See the stairs leading to a mani wheel? Don’t go up. The mask is inside a hole near the tower-like object.
x:488 y:396 Fahmida’s House There’s a well to the north of the house. Jump into it and go all the way to the bottom for some mask action.
x:519 y:808 When at Bhirabata Outpost, head west to the ruins. Slide down the cliff and go to the look for broken boards on top of rocks near a tree. The mask is right on a skeleton inside of a box.
x:524 y:393 Lakeside Sherpa Camp Get to the tent and check the boulder. The mask is on the west side.
x:528 y:434 Jump into the river to find a smashed boat and the mask!
x:531 y:484 Climb up at x:523 y:514. Then grapple at x:527 y:503. Climb grapple point, walk up the hill and look for an opening. Go up the rope covered ledge and look left to see another rope covered ledge. Climb up that one and go to the end of the platform to find the mask on a body.
x:536 y:693 Jalendu Falls The mask is right on a riverbed in front of the waterfall.
x:565 y:809 Devi Temple Ruins Look for the cement wall and some boards leaning against it. The mask is beneath those boards. Still lost? Make sure you’re at the blue circl on the mini-map.
x:592 y:703 Ma’untena Ghari Shrine Go into the shrine to find the mask on the table.
x:595 y:644 South of Eagles’ Nest The mask is inside the boat, located on the shore.
x:626 y:710 Ila’s Roost Explore the cave in the cliffs and find the mask all the way in the back. To find the cave, drive up the hills to the west and then grapple down.
x:642 y:676 Drunk Kanak’s Truck Look for the submerged truck and collect the mask on the riverbed in front of the vehicle.
x:670 y:820 Dead Man’s Triangle Go around the boulder and snag the mask off the right side of the truck.
x:680 y:723 You’re in the right place if there’s a busted white car leaning against a boulder. The mask is on the south side of that boulder.
x:688 y:677 Cave of the Dead Climb at x:692 y:677, turn right and walk into the cave. Head down via grapple to the lowest level and collect the mask from the pile of bones.
x:708 y:627 The Goat’s Lair Turns out, there’s a cave beneath this house. Go behind the house and use grapple to descend. Go down the stairs and use a molotov to get the mask inside the cell to the left of the statue.
x:710 y:778 Sapha Pond See what looks like a tower to the left of the cave opening? The mask is on the left side of this object.
x:746 y:673 Shining Minds Seminary The mask is on a corpse near a building, which is located in the northeast of the compound.
x:753 y:709 Climb at x:755 y:702, then go right and climb the ledge with vines on it. Climb up the vines and turn left. Go up the hill and look for a white building on the right. Go right at the fork to reach it. The mask is inside the fire pit to the west.
x:756 y:780 Ska’I Cave Climb up at x:758 y:783 and climb the ledge with ropes on it. Go all the way to the back of the cave and look for the mask on top of some boulders.
x:759 y:724 Sky Burial Bad news: the mask is all the way on top of the mountain. From the road, grapple at x:743 y:715. You’ll find the mask on a body to the east.
x:796 y:677 Medicinal Poacher When you reach the building, look for an animal cage with a dead person inside. The mask is between this cage and the structure.
x:832 y:682 Asru Cave Walk up the stream that leads to the cave and then walk behind the waterfall. Use the grapple point to climb, then swing to the platform. You’ll see the mask next to a body.

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