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Fallout 76 – How to Trade with Other Players

by Larryn Bell

Aside from exploring the wasteland, scavenging for parts, and blasting enemies with nukes, of the main activities you’ll be doing in Fallout 76 is trading with other players. Trading allows you to obtain new weapons and gear while also helping you earn some much-needed Bottle Caps. If you’re a new player who’s recently stepped out of the vault in Fallout 76, you may need a few pointers on how the trading system works. Below, we’ll explain how to trade in Fallout 76 so you can start bartering for new goods.

How to Trade in Fallout 76

In order to begin a trade in Fallout 76, players must first find someone who is willing to perform a trade, such as a co-op partner or teammate. The exchange must also have an item that the players are willing to trade between one another. 

Players can trade for various goods, including weapons, gear, aid, ammo, and other resources. Traded items can also be sold at a price, which makes trading a decent way to earn Bottle Caps from other players. If you plan on charging for an item during a trade, make sure the asking price is reasonable, otherwise you may miss out on a quick sale.

How to Trade in Fallout 76

When you discover another player willing to make an exchange, approach them and press and hold the Invite to Trade button. Likewise, if you are invited to make a trade, hold the Accept Trade Invite button instead.

Browse through your Inventory on the Trading screen and select the item that you’d like to trade or sell. If you want to charge for the item, input the price you want for it, then confirm. Highlight your item and select Offer to put it up for trading.

Next, move over to the other player’s item list for what they have on offer by using the right trigger on the controller. Sort by Offers Only so that you can view only what the person is offering to trade. Select the item you want as well as the quantity, then press the Buy Item button to confirm the transaction.

While trading shouldn’t be relied upon for a steady flow of income in Fallout 76, it can be a decent way to earn a few extra Bottle Caps while getting rid of unwanted items. Trading can also be an easy way to obtain Stimpaks or other goods that may be hard to come by out in the wasteland. As you gain levels, you may be able to trade for better weapons and armor that you wouldn’t find elsewhere in Appalachia.

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