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Fallout 76 – How to Play Co-Op with Friends

by Larryn Bell

As an online multiplayer game, Fallout 76 is best experienced alongside friends through co-op play. Not only does playing co-op help make it easier to tackle tough enemies in the game, but playing with a team can also boost the amount of XP you earn while doing so. Luckily, joining friends or recent players in Fallout 76 is relatively easy to do. In this guide, we’ll explain how to setup and play co-op in Fallout 76 for those who are looking to explore the wastelands alongside a friend or team up with other players online.

How to Play Co-Op in Fallout 76

In order to team up and play co-op with a friend in Fallout 76, players must first ensure that they are playing the game on the same platform as one another. Assuming this is the case, the next step is to start up the game and join each other for a co-op play session on the same server. 

Join the Same Server

To play co-op with a friend, you can either send them an invite to join your server, or you can accept an invite to join theirs. To do this, simply navigate to the Social tab within the Menu screen, then select either the Recent, Team, or Friends categories to select a player from the list. Select their name, then choose whether you want to Join or Invite them. 

How to Team Up in Fallout 76

Invite to Team

Once you and your friend are on the same server together, the next step is to invite them to your team. You can do this in one of two ways. To invite a player to your team, select their name in the Social tab once more and select Invite. Alternatively, you can just approach to their character in-game and hold the “Invite to Team” button when prompted. 

Accepting Co-Op Invites

If you are the one being invited, it’s important to know how to accept the invite so that you can start playing co-op with your friends. When you are sent an invite, look for a pop-up notification in the lower right corner of the display, near your ammo count. Bring up the Social tab, then select Accept Team Invite when prompted to join the team and set out for some wasteland shenanigans.

Now that you know how to setup and play co-op with friends in Fallout 76, you should be ready to start exploring what’s left in Appalachia. Check out our other Fallout 76 guides for more tips and tutorials. 

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