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Fae Farm: How to Complete Neppy’s ‘A Watery Wonder’ Quest

Master Chef: Fae Edition

You’ve made it through every floor of Saltwater Mines, you’ve defeated enemies, collected ore, and found more shellfish than you could have ever imagined. Now it’s time to see what lurks at the dungeon’s bottom. Fortunately for you, the whirlpool maker is the friendly Neppy. It’s now up to you to complete the quest ‘A Watery Wonder’ and settle Fae Farm’s seas.

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How to Make Everything for Neppy in Fae Farm

After the meet-and-greet session with Neppy, you will learn that the gentle giant is hungry. You will volunteer to help grab all of the ingredients necessary to create the seafood fiesta of Neppy’s dreams. Neppy will request the following items:

  • x5 Steamed Fish.
  • x3 Sardine.
  • x20 Diced Roots.
  • x10 Sand Dollar.
  • x10 Coral.

The vast variety of items will mean that you need to fish, gather, and cook to obtain all of the ingredients. The method of obtaining each ingredient can be found below:

Item RequestedHow to Obtain
Steamed Fish (5)• Catch any variety of fish from any water source.
• Use the Food Prep Table to turn Fish into Fish Fillet.
• Use the Food Prep Table to turn Arugula into Fresh Greens.
• Use the Cooking Hearth to turn Fish Fillet and Fresh Greens into Steamed Fish.
Sardine (3)A rare fish found all time of day in the ocean water.
*Rare fish are differentiated by the way that they sparkle in the water.
Diced Roots (20)• Purchase Turnip Seeds from Holly in the Town Center.
• Plot Basic Soil Beds to plant your Turnip Seeds in.
• Water daily and then harvest Turnips when grown.
• Use the Food Prep Table to turn Turnips into Diced Roots.
Sand Dollar (10)Can be found along the shoreline.
Coral (10)Can be found along the shoreline.

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Note: The Food Prep Table and Cooking Hearth can both be added to your homestead by pressing down on the D-pad to enter Build Mode and then down again to select it from the Crafting section of the Build Catalog. The Basic Soil Bed for growing crops is added in the same manner. Enter Build Mode and then go left to the Gardening section.

Now that you have completed Neppy’s quest, the whirlpools have ceased to cause havoc, and the town is about to get a whole lot busier.

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