The Solstice of Heroes event is currently underway in the world of Destiny 2. This event has brought the character of Eva Levante into Destiny 2, and she has various bounties players can accept and complete for some rewards. One of these bounties is the Extinguish Them bounty which tasks Guardians with eliminating high-value targets. If you are looking for help in locating these high-value targets for the Extinguish Them bounty, you'll want to read up on which enemies you should be looking for below. 

Extinguish Them Destiny 2

This particular Solstice of Heroes bounty from Eva Levante tasks Guardians with eliminating high-value targets across the game's universe. These high-value targets are the roaming mini-bosses which players can find randomly spawning on the various plants in Destiny 2. These are not the enemies with the yellow health bar above them so do not be mistaken and think the elimination of a yellow health bar enemy will count towards your completion of this Solstice of Heroes bounty. 

You will need to destroy three of these high-value targets to complete the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Extinguish Them bounty. However, it is vital to note Guardians will need to use the correct subclass for the bounty to receive credit for your eliminating of the enemies. 

Players who are successful in destroying the required amount of high-value targets and completing the Destiny 2 Extinguish Them bounty will be rewarded with five Solstice Key fragments for their efforts. As with any form of currency in the popular first-person shooter title, you can never have too many Solstice Fragments. 

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